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Getting Up Close and Personal with Modular Construction

Modular construction is hot here in the Bay Area, and has captured the interest of developers, investors and residents in search of a more effective, potentially less-expensive, way to build housing. Join us as we visit a brand new modular housing project in San Jose for an up-close look at how these units, which are constructed off-site before being trucked to San Jose, are set in place and locked together. Co-presented by First Community Housing. + Martin Keller / First Community Housing + Chris Schmidt / Guerdon Modular Buildings + Chris Rimes / Proset Modular

SPUR: Innovating Interim Uses

One unfortunate effect of the arduous process of building housing in the Bay Area is that development sites, often vacant lots, sit unused for long periods of time while financing, approvals and design takes place. But now, a new form of interim use strategy that focuses on these underutilized sites is emerging. Come explore the challenges and opportunities of interim projects and how they can temporarily transform urban environments with engaging and beneficial uses while addressing pressing social issues.

+ John Bela / Gehl Studio + Douglas Burnam / Envelope A+D + Julie Leadbetter / Everyone Home + Annie Ledbury / EBALDC + Will Goodman / Strada Investment Group + Neil Hrushowy / San Francisco Planning Department + Brad Leibin / David Baker Architects

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On View> SPUR Urban Center Gallery presents VENUE

VENUE SPUR Urban Center Gallery 654 Mission Street San Francisco Through October 21 The product of an enviable 16-month-long road trip across the United States, VENUE is the documentation of a series of sites from around the country that are not always considered when surveying architecture and design. The successful bloggers Geoff Manaugh (BLDGBLOG) and Nicola Twilley (Edible Geography) tackle “often overlooked yet fascinating sites through the eyes of the innovators, trendsetters, entrepreneurs, and designers at the forefront of ideas today,” giving a more honest assessment of the American landscape then is represented in traditional urban-centric design media. The exhibition and installation includes books, photographs, maps, ephemera, and more. The tour was thoroughly 21st-century, however it was inspired by the great expeditions of the 19th century.
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On View> SPUR exhibit tackles illegal housing in San Francisco

Urbanism From Within SPUR 654 Mission Street, San Francisco Through May 1st There's a little over a week left at the exhibition Urbanism From Within put on by the San Francisco Planning & Urban Renewal Association (SPUR), so head over and brace yourself for some captivating research, drawings and peep-show high-jinks along the downtown Mission corridor. Examining San Francisco's housing crisis, the exhibit of student research and drawings, centers on the secondary (in-law) units of the city. The exhibit was organized by Neeraj Bhatia and Christopher Roach of California College of the Arts and the Urban Works Agency. There are currently an estimated 50,000 illegal, secondary units within San Francisco's confines, and the exhibition poses new questions about how such units can connect to the city and its networks to help develop dense and affordable alternatives to the current housing situation. Last March, San Francisco's Planning Commission began supporting a pilot program in the Castro District to legally build secondary units. The exhibit is meticulously laid out in the gallery space, with students' drawings of hypothetical secondary unit typologies attached by clothespins and spaced along a taut wire line. Within the center of the space are two curtained off areas where one looks at finely crafted models through peep holes. The models and curtains speak to the illicit nature of the city's in-law units. The attention to detail, and the focused and nuanced vision, lay out how we can connect the interior to the exterior, and how people in San Francisco and beyond can dream of more spaces to live in.
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On View> Unbuilt San Francisco Explores Architectural “What If’s” Through November

Unbuilt San Francisco Multiple venues San Francisco Through November 2013 AIA San Francisco/Center for Architecture + Design, California Historical Society/SPUR, The Environmental Design Archives at UC Berkley, and the San Francisco Public Library present this ambitious collaborative exhibition of architecture that never came to be. Spread throughout five venues, Unbuilt San Francisco describes a parallel history of “what if’s” and “could have beens” of architecture and urban design that were too fantastic or too grandiose for the City by the Bay. These unrealized visions offer San Franciscans a glimpse of the hopes and ambitions of past generations, as well as provide inspiration for the future of architecture and the city. Images offered in the exhibition include a grand casino on Alcatraz, freeways encircling the city, rejected neighborhood renewal plans, alternate designs for famous landmarks including San Francisco City Hall and the Ferry Building, and ecological provocations of today’s architectural vanguard. The opening reception will be held in Annie Alley between 678 and 654 Mission Street in San Francisco on September 6 at 5:00 p.m.
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Don’t We all Need One of These? SPUR Opens San Jose Office

One of the Bay Area's most effective urban instigators, SPUR (San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association) is opening an office in San Jose. The move came about for a few reasons, says the group. First, San Francisco has a declining share of the region's population, so it makes sense to branch out. And second, most planning decisions are made locally, so SPUR needs to establish footholds in the area's major cities. The new branch office was made possible by a successful $1 million fundraising campaign that will fund operations over the next three years. Leah Toeniskoetter will head up the new office and brings a background in real estate and economic development and finance. "San Jose wants to be walkable, it wants more transit-oriented development and sustainability," SPUR Director Gabriel Metcalf told the San Francisco Business Times. "In many ways, San Jose’s challenge is America’s challenge." A move to Oakland could be next on SPUR's agenda.