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Integrate building systems with new smart building technologies

Create nearly seamless integration between the machinery that makes buildings habitable. These smart technologies link HVAC systems, appliances, lighting, and plumbing to one portal, making it easier to adjust settings and monitor a building's energy output, both remotely and in situ.
wiSCAPE Hubbell Lighting Maximize energy savings with this wireless outdoor lighting system designed for developers and builders. The platform makes it easy to remotely manufacture and configure facility-scale lighting systems. Lighting Control Solution Cortet by CEL Perfect for commercial and other large-scale buildings, this wireless lighting management system allows for on-site and remote management. It is outfitted with responsive sensors and custom lighting for remote and off-site configuration. 2 myPORT by Schindler Elevator Corporation
myPORT Schindler Elevator Corporation Monitor the ebbs and flows of traffic moving through a building with real-time information. The app also provides customized access for visitors to go through entry gates. i-BRIGHT 20-10 Tri Cascade, Inc. Forget to unplug the iron? These outlets can remotely switch off. The accompanying app also monitors energy consumption. The outlets can be paired with BRIGHT Thermostats and BRIGHT Smart Dimmers.
Smart Home Water Monitor StreamLabs This water monitor detects usage and leaks in real time with ultrasonic technology. It is mounted right onto the main waterline (requiring no invasive pipe-cutting) and sends alerts to the app. Omni Awair Track the indoor temperature, humidity, CO2, chemicals (VOCs), and dust levels with real-time data. This easy-to-use portal controls and monitors multiple HVAC devices.
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Product>Intelligent residential and building products

The Internet of Things is officially the new normal. The Architect's Newspaper scoped out the most intelligent appliances and hardware on the market, including new releases from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. New 4K Projector-It’s All Here Sony Life Space UX

The new 4K projector improves on a successful design that features crystal-clear short-throw projection. This iteration focuses on the design of the projector itself—turning it into a functional piece while also updating the user interface to engage with books, magazines, albums, movies, and even artwork.

Gate Smart Lock Gate

Designed by a former Google Glass engineer, Gate is an uber-sophisticated smart lock that features keyless access, two-way enabled audio, real-time motion-activated video monitoring, and time-mapping that can be controlled from anywhere. Gate is also the first lock to offer facial recognition software, offering extra security and peace of mind.

01 InstruMMents

This slim pen-shaped device rolls to measure straight, curved, or contoured objects, and logs data in real time. 01 is available in three different options, including a pen, pencil, or stylus, and wirelessly pairs with any smartphone. It is the only device of its kind to work on 3-D surfaces, and has a battery that lasts six months.

Beoplay A9 B&O Play

BEOPLAY A9 is not only an objet d’art, but also a technologically advanced smart speaker with unparalleled sound quality. A9 is compatible with Airplay, Google Cast, and Bluetooth, and has built-in access to Spotify Connect. Music is controlled by a simple swipe and tap on the top of the device, and is also available in textured Kvadrat fabrics with multiple wood finishes.

LG Signature Washer LG

This sleek washer, with subtle detailing like a black stainless-steel finish and touch control panel, doesn’t need to be hidden behind closet doors. SmartThinQ technology means this efficient washer has the ability to download custom cycles, monitor and control laundry via an app, and receive text notifications when your wash or dry cycles have completed.

Evolved Baldwin Hardware

Eighteen of Baldwin’s sophisticated handlesets and three of its deadbolts are now available with Kevo technology, which allows for touch-to-open access and the ability to issue “ekeys” to guests for remote entry. The result is hardware that offers military-grade security and classic design.

TerraSpan Lift & Slide and Multi-Slide Doors Kolbe

Kolbe’s TerraSpan Lift & Slide and Multi-Slide doors are now available in fully automated versions. With the push of a button, these movable walls can be opened or closed. Plus, users no longer have to worry about losing keys, as locks on Kolbe doors can be disengaged or locked remotely.

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Hot Topic: Yves Béhar’s new thermostat design the latest in a growing line of smart home gadgets

The once-prosaic thermostat has become a high profile design object as of late. As a critical gateway for the "Internet of Things" and the world of the connected home, it's increasingly seen as an HVAC status symbol. With his new scheme for the Hive for British Gas, Yves Béhar takes a step back from the fray and focuses on the unit's ease of use. Compared to the first learning thermostat, Nest, and its smart-home spawn, Hive takes a low-key approach to aesthetics—but does so via some fairly fancy interface technology. Until it is touched, the face of the unit remains a blank, mirror-like surface. Changeable frames for the Hive (above) work to bring the user into the experience and put them in control of the device—not vice versa. Nest's hardware and interface are resolutely minimalist—indisputably a factor in its success in the marketplace (it's estimated that 10,000 units are sold every day)—but graphically, it's more heavy-handed and generic. The Ecobee3 wi-fi thermostat features remote mini-monitors that track the temperature in more than one room of the house. Occupancy sensors help save energy and reduce operating costs. The device's rounded corners and a cutesy insect icon convey an emphasis less on science and more on everyday accessibility. From the originator of the original Round thermostat (which was designed by Henry Dreyfuss), the Lyric has geofencing capability, which enables the device to adjust automatically, based on the location of the user's smartphone. By inverting the dome profile of Dreyfuss' 1953 icon, the design pays homage to a classic while supporting today's technology.