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Brooklyn Building Defects: Building boom leads to building problems

Many of the new condominiums erected in Brooklyn during the last building boom are not aging well. The New York Times reported that “[w]hen the housing market collapsed in 2007 and coffers ran dry, many developers were left scrambling to complete projects. Some cut corners or abandoned developments, leaving others to finish the work.” This led to poorly constructed buildings and angry residents who are stuck dealing with mold, cracking balconies, and flooding. One such building even saw part of its facade fall off. Now many of the developers behind the shoddy buildings are breaking ground on new projects, hopefully with more attention to quality.
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The Newest Hazard in the Rockaways? Rust

Slide 1 Designed to survive the force of a hurricane, the new prefab bathrooms by Garrison Architects have apparently not been weathering this mild summer very well. DNAinfo reported that the stations are leaking and many surfaces are rusting in the salty air. "I look at it now and I say, 'Is this going to last the winter?'" one anonymous lifeguard assigned to one of the comfort stations told DNAinfo. "There's leaks right next to the equipment closet. They left it half-done and now there's problems. The job was done like people didn't care. It's a monstrosity. It's a debacle." Parks hopes to treat the rust and leaks after the beach season ends. Until then, relieve yourself with caution.