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Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects Breaks Ground in Shanghai

On May 30, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, the East China Architecture and Design Institute (ECADI), and the Shanghai Expo Construction Development Company announced the start of construction for a new 164,000-square-foot mixed-use development on the 2010 Shanghai Expo site. The project, known as Green Valley, will transform the former industrial dockyard into a commercial district of shops, restaurants, and offices. The design features two main buildings positioned on either side of a central courtyard. Each incorporates hanging gardens in glass-enclosed atria that will be visible from the street. The buildings will offer high standards of finish and sustainability, both in terms of environmental performance as well as low operating costs. The design focuses on openness and convenience so those working in the buildings will have superb views of the hanging gardens and the city. The expo site itself will maintain the ample green space, walking paths, and cultural attractions left after the Expo concluded and the pavilions were demolished. Green Valley is the start of new permanent development on the site. Green Valley is one of four projects by Danish studio Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects transpiring within Shanghai. Each is a redevelopment of the once industrial area along the waterfront. Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects won the competition to design the project last year. It is located next to the iconic Chinese pavilion. Completion is expected in 2015.
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The U.S. Pavilion Sells Out in Shanghai

Now that the pavilions have begun arriving at the Grand Canal, that other great architectural exhibition of the summer has faded into memory. No, we're not talking about the one in Pasadena. Or at P.S.1. Not the Serpentine. This would be the Shanghai World Expo, which did have some pretty great pavilions upon its opening in June. Not among them, sadly, was the U.S. Pavilion, in large part because we refused to front the money for the structure, and so it got farmed out. Now, Marketplace has a report from the pavilion that pretty perfectly encapsulates the problems and perseverance of the little pavilion that couldn't, even how it has won over many Chinese, what with their love with propaganda and irony.

BIG on Bikes

How to make the Danish Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo truly a national symbol? Add some bike lanes, of course. Bjorke Ingles, head of BIG Bjorke Ingles Group and designer of the pavilion, takes us on a tour, via Archinect. (Be warned, though. Instead of soundtracking this with the Raveonettes or Kashmir, whoever put this together went with arguably the worst song ever, "I Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. You may want to mute your sound before hitting play.) Terrible music aside, why is Scandinavian architecture so much fun?