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“Professional kid” and LEGO Master Sean Kenney moves into a new Brooklyn model-making studio

The award-winning artist who makes a living monkeying around with LEGO bricks to awe-inspiring effect recently moved into a new 4,000 square foot studio-cum-playroom in Brooklyn. Sean Kenney and his creative team will use the brick shell space—designed by studioMET Architects in a pre-Lincoln era carriage house—to design, build, and ship LEGO sculptures, portraits, murals, architectural models and commissioned landscapes for corporate displays. Kenney, oft dubbed a “professional kid” is one of four Lego Masters in the United States to be formally affiliated with the company. His current nationally touring exhibition, Nature Connects features larger-than-life models of insects, a doe and fawn, a lawnmower, a sundial, a peacock boasting its voluminous plumage, and all things outdoorsy which one wouldn’t ordinarily dream of seeing in LEGO form. The 50-piece show is composed of over 1.6 million LEGO bricks. Kenney’s custom wall portraits read like pixelated screen prints, while his fully functioning table lamps and mosaic-like wall murals make for whimsical home decor. A computer programmer by trade, Kenney has eschewed computer modeling software in the 10 years since shedding his suit-and-tie trade as a software developer. “I like to build the old-fashioned way, just by sitting down with my pieces and a photograph or two of whatever I’m building and seeing where it takes me,” Kenney told NY Daily News. Kenney, who has relocated his studio numerous times, is settling into an adaptable, modern space that can transform from a creative cave consisting of desk pods, a lounge and kitchenette, into a loading dock when a sculpture has to be shipped. The studio is also outfitted with a video/stop animation studio and workshop, as well as a crate storage room for finished sculptures waiting to be shipped.