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Late Summer Signings at Pratt Mark Beginning of Academic School Year

It's the end of summer and again time for architecture students and faculty to return to studios and classrooms all over the country. There are several new high profile architecture Deans facing their first week of dealing with academic regulations, nervous students, and lack of classroom space. In addition young new faculty are preparing for their first lectures and several well known senior faculty have transferred institutions. Pratt Institute for example, has just announced two high profile additions to its faculty. Pratt announced two high profile "signings" that are big news for the design institute. First, David Burney, former Commissioner of the City’s Design and Construction agency,will become a full time member of the faculty, but, more importantly, will became the first coordinator of a new design program called Urban Placemaking and Management. It will become the first in the nation, focusing, Pratt claims, on "public space creation and management based on  community planning." Pratt also announced that theorist Sanford Kwinter will join the institute as a Professor of Science and Design in the School of Architecture this fall. Kwinter is co-founder and editor of the influential journal, ZONE, and Zone Books for 20 years. Trained in philosophy and literature, he has written extensively on philosophical issues of design, architecture, and urbanism, as well as art and aesthetics. In addition to continuing his research and writing, Professor Kwinter will teach seminars and lecture courses in the graduate and undergraduate architecture programs. Architecture Dean Thomas Hanrahan states, “Professor Kwinter is one of the world’s most important voices in architecture today because of his broad, interdisciplinary interests in art and science as they apply to design.”  Kwinter most recently co-directed the Masters in Design Studies programs at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He wrote that  Pratt's "historical and urban context allows for a broad engagement with local social and political conditions as well as with the wider discipline of architecture as it relates to game-changing practices at a truly cosmopolitan scale. I am, as a theorist, greatly looking forward to coming to Pratt.”
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American Academy of Arts & Letters Announces 2013 Architecture Award Winners

arts_and_letters_01 The American Academy of Arts and Letters has announced its 2013 architecture awards recipients. The winners were chosen from a group of 32 individuals and practices nominated by Academy members. An exhibition of their work will be on display at the Audubon Terrace in New York City from May 16 to June 9, 2013. The Academy’s architecture awards program was established in conjunction with the 1955 inauguration of the annual Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize in Architecture, which is presented to a leading architect from any country who has made a noteworthy contribution to architecture as an art. Alberto Campo Baeza from Madrid, Spain won the $5000 prize this year. He has practiced and taught architecture for over 35 years at prominent universities in the U.S. and abroad. He turns architecture into art through utilizing timeless forms. Campo Baeza received the 2013 Heinrich Tessenow Gold Metal. Two Arts and Letters Awards of $7500 recognizing American architects whose work holds a strong personal bearing were presented to Teddy Cruz of San Diego, California and Thomas Phifer of New York. Teddy Cruz is an architect, academic, and activist who investigates the politics and economics that compel urban conflict. Thomas Phifer, who has led his own New York City practice since 1996, blends the beauty and simplicity of Modernism with awareness of the natural environment. Barry Bergdoll and Sanford Kwinter of New York each won an Arts and Letters Award of $7500 given to Americans exploring ideas in architecture using any method of expression. Barry Bergdoll, a 19th- and 20th-century architectural history scholar, is the Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art. Sanford Kwinter is a witer, editor, and Professor of Architectural Theory and Criticism at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he co-directs the Master in Design Studies program.
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Talk Around the Clock

Philippe Parreno, Marquee Guggeneim, NY, 2008. Photo: Kristopher McKay/Guggenheim Foundation
Listen up insomniacs and coffee snobs, the Guggenheim is hosting a 24-hour talk, appropriately on the theme of time, as a companion to the exhibition theanyspacewhatever. The event starts at 6:00 pm tonight and runs through 6:00 pm on Wednesday, and includes artists, designers, curators, social scientists, philosophers, and others. Among those who will be taking up time and space are architectural theorist Sanford Kwinter (8:10 pm, Tuesday), designer/artist Vito Acconci (2:30 am, Wednesday), and architects Marc Kushner (5:00 am, Wednesday), Florian Idenburg (9:00 am, Wednesday), Thomas Leeser (12:00 pm, Wednesday), Makram El-Kadi (2:30 pm, Wednesday), and Lebbeus Woods (4:00 pm, Wednesday).
Carsten Holler, Revolving Hotel Room, 2008. Photo: David Heald/Guggenheim Foundation
Click here for a full line-up of speakers. To keep the conversation going, Illycaffé is providing free coffee!
Jorge Pardo, Sculpture Ink, 2008. Photo: Kristopher McKay/Guggenheim Foundation