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$50,000 Steedman Fellowship winner announced by Sam Fox School

Washington University at St. Louis Sam Fox School’s College of Architecture has announced Pedro Pitarch as the winner of the annual James Harrison Steedman Memorial Fellowship in Architecture. Madrid-based Pitarch won for his proposal, “Disguised Metropolitanisms: Unveiling the Masquerade of Urban Domesticity.” The biennial fellowship includes a $50,000 award, making it one of the largest of its kind in the United States. “Urban and domestic spheres have no longer clear boundaries, but faded ones,” Pitarch explained. “They are no longer distinguished according to a public/private [duplex], but to the possibility of use in a certain moment. They are more dependent on questions such as ‘when and how,’ rather than ‘what or where.” The fellowship will allow Pitarch to research the intersection of public and private spaces across Europe, Asia, and the United States. Throughout his travels, he will explore unconventional domestic situations andsix typologies of urban domesticity. For example, in Tokyo and Taipei, he will look at public infrastructure as a resting place, or has he calls it This Train is my Bedroom. Pitarch will conduct interviews, take photos, and produce analytical drawings of each typology, with the end product of a book, a short film, and exhibition models. With this year’s theme, “Adaptation,” 100 applicants from around the world proposed ways in which adaptive responses might be better used in the design process. The Fellowship jury was chaired by Toronto-based Lateral Office’s Mason White. The jury also included Yale School of Architecture Dean Deborah Berke, Elena Cánovas, principal and co-founder of aSZ arquitectes and a professor of practice in the Sam Fox School, Joyce Hwang, director of Ants of the Prairie and associate professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and Jeff Ryan, principal and director of design at Christner Inc. “The jury was impressed with Pitarch’s range of experimentation and invention,” White explained. “Several jurors noted that both his previous work and the proposed research show an approach that is at once methodical, experimental and fantastically intricate. Additionally, the subject of property was found to be timely and relevant worldwide.” The jury also awarded and alternate award and two honorable mentions. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Yarina, a research associate at the MIT Urban Risk Lab, for her proposal, “New Climate Nomads: Indigenous Spaces of Migratory Adaptation.” Her work looks at the “socio-spatial identities of vulnerable indigenous populations in the age of climate risk.” Honorable mentions were awarded to Jin Young Song, founding principal of Dioinno Architecture in Seoul and Buffalo, N.Y., and assistant professor of architecture at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and Kirsten Caudill, designer with ZGF Architects and a Sam Fox School alumna. One Sam Fox School architecture student will also be awarded the Steedman Summer Travel Fellowship to support the student in international travel. The James Harrison Steedman Memorial Fellowship has been awarded biannually since 1926. The fellowship is jointly administered by the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis and AIA St. Louis.
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Sam Fox architecture students build expanding foam boat prototype

Ten architecture students at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis have produced a working boat prototype, using expanding polyurethane spray foam as their primary material. The master’s students are following in the steps of the likes of Frank Gehry, Greg Lynn, and Zaha Hadid, who all have recently designed custom yachts. Paired off in twos, teams designed and tested a half dozen smaller prototypes, which they tested in the Grand Basin in Forest Park near the Washington University campus. Two of the prototypes were chosen to move forward to further development and a full size prototype. The goal of the project was to test the material possibilities of a product that is easily found in typical hardware stores, and usually used for housing insulation. The expanding foam for the project was provided by Fenton, MO–based manufacturer Convenience Projects. “The first half of the project was about learning what the material can do. What are its capacities?” Master’s candidate Benjamin Newberry, told WUSTL’s campus journal. “How do you convert it into something that floats?” Frank Gehry, an avid boater, recently finished FOGGY 2.0, an 80 foot long sailboat he designed for his friend, real estate investor Richard Cohen. In 2013 Zaha Hadid unveiled plans for a 420-foot superyacht prototype which is being used a base design for further investigations by Hadid and Hamburg-based shipbuilders Blohm+Voss. Greg Lynn launched his own carbon-fiber 42 foot racing yacht last year. Lynn used the sailboat as a means of investigating the possibility of monocoque construction with composite materials.
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Pulitzer Foundation to reprise PXSTL design-build competition for empty lot in St. Louis

The Pulitzer Foundation in St. Louis will reprise its PXSTL competition, which last year brought an airy, steel-framed pavilion courtesy of Freecell Architecture to the empty lot across the street from the Tadao Andodesigned arts institution. Like last year, PXSTL will be a national design-build competition culminating in a temporary structure on the lot across Washington Avenue from the Pulitzer Foundation. Over a six-month period in the summer of 2017, the winning pavilion will host a series of programs and events organized by the Foundation in collaboration with the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. The winning designers, who will be announced in the spring of 2016, will collaborate with the Pulitzer and a team of graduate students from the Sam Fox School to realize the structure, according to a press release published Tuesday. The installation will follow the opening of a new addition to the museum designed by Ando, which includes 3,700 square feet of new gallery space. (Read AN’s Q&A with Tadao Ando here.) The acronym PXSTL stands for the Pulitzer, the Sam Fox School, and St. Louis—a moniker the Pulitzer's press material says “underscores the lot as a site of intersection for the two institutions and the city, united by a common goal to encourage revitalization through design.”