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London’s Design Museum Invites Public to a Virtual Tour of It’s Future Home

The Design Museum of London has welcomed over five million visitors since it opened in 1989, and now for the first time on September 22nd, it will open it’s doors virtually, via an online platform called Stickyworld. The web-based platform allows people to digitally navigate their way through the museum from the comfort of their own home. This is achieved by means of 360 degree renders, panoramic images and plans. The new location for the design museum is the former landmark Commonwealth Institute building in Kensington, which will provide three times the space of the current museum. The online tour begins with an introductory video with Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum. The visitor is then able to virtually walk from the new museum’s entrance on Kensington High Street, into the atrium and wander down the staircase to the auditorium, or up to the first floor—where the Sackler Library will be located. The interactive technology allows users to not only explore the rooms, but leave digital sticky notes with comments and suggestions about the plans for the new museum. Josephine Chanter, Design Museum Head of Communications, commented: “This opportunity with Stickyworld enables the Design Museum to reach out to an ever expanding audience and not only take people into the new museum, but engage them in a dialogue about its future.” Stickyworld and its cutting edge technology is fast gaining traction in the UK town planning industry. The company have won several grants and awards to further develop the web based tool for public feedback on architecture and development proposals.