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Lebbeus Woods Leaves a Legacy of Thought Archived Online

The outpouring of positive and thoughtful reflections by architects around the world to the passing of Lebbeus Woods on social networking sites has been gratifying to those who long recognized his importance to contemporary culture. We will have an obituary by Peter Cook in the next print edition of the paper but a Woods fan Carlos Brillembourg brought a fascinating talk between Raimund Abraham and Woods to our attention. In fact Woods' Blog was one of the most compelling architecture sites on the web and if you have never read it do yourself a favor and spend a few hours reading his posts.
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Raimund Abraham, Real & Imagined

In the latest issue of the paper, Lebbeus Woods pays tribute to his friend and colleague Raimund Abraham, who died last month. Here, we gather together a survey of the visionary architect's work, both built and—perhaps more importantly—unbuilt, for as Woods recounts of Abraham, "Building, he believed, necessarily violates nature’s wholeness, and must be done with a full awareness of consequences." Click the image above of Abraham's best known building, the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York, to begin the slideshow. (Special thanks to Stefan Heßling for generously sharing his images of Abraham's musikstudio in Germany.) You can also watch Abraham's last lecture, delivered at SCI-Arc the night of March 3. He died in a car accident on his way home.