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Beer, Shakespeare, and hip hop take over a vacant lot in Downtown Louisville

What can you do with a vacant lot? Urban activists in Louisville have set out to show just how much with an ongoing pop-up festival of sorts at 615-621 West Main Street, an empty plot of land in the heart of downtown where REX's Museum Plaza skyscraper was once set to rise. They're calling it ReSurfaced. The mission is to repurpose a downtown lot as “an urban laboratory for innovation, community gather, and as an entertainment venue, showcasing our local creativity, breweries, and talent” for five weeks. Open Thursday through Sunday each week through October 25, ReSurfaced events include hip hop concerts, Shakespeare performances, puppet shows, a Pecha Kucha conversation, and a beer garden. According to the event's Facebook page, ReSurfaced is about “Transforming and activating our underutilized surface lots and vacant spaces to bring back the walkable urbanism Louisville once enjoyed.” Louisville has thousands of vacant lots, a problem that earlier this year prompted the city to launch "Lots of Possibility," a design competition sponsored by the mayor's office. Read more at ReSurfaced's website, where you can find a full schedule of events, and a full list of sponsors. They're also updating events from a Twitter account, @CityCollab.
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Lighting Inspired By Cronkite

Architects and lighting designers united last week for Spark, an evening sponsored by the Professional Lighting Designers Association (PLDA) and the LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, featuring presentations on the theme of “Inspiration” at the V Lounge in Santa Monica. The Pecha Kucha format, in which 10 speakers are allowed to spend only 20 seconds on each of their 20 slides, shed (ahem..) light on lighting, architecture, and the ways they combine to create space. Speakers ranged from architects to lighting designers to an entrepreneur with an avid interest in lighting rock concerts. Of special interest was the presentation by Kathy Pryzgoda, principal of lightstudioLA, who demonstrated how light creates drama in spaces as disparate as theater sets, television news desks, and on the Muppets. A theatrical designer at heart, Pryzgoda transitioned to television over twenty years ago, and has worked as lighting and production designer for ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings Channel One News, and CNN’s American Morning, among others. Although the jump from theater to news seemed daunting at first, she found inspiration in black-and-white stills of Walter Cronkite.  She was fascinated by the extensive use of contrast in these images which, she said, “helps to bring the talent forward into the picture, thus creating a three dimensional effect on the two dimensional screen.”  Varying shades of black, grey, and white combine to provide additional visual interest.  This “painterly” approach to lighting brings “more dimension to the overall image,” and proves that television can be just as visually compelling as theater.  After studying these images, Pryzgoda says she gained the insight necessary to infuse her television work with as much drama and excitement as she had created in the theater.
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Pecha Kucha Haiti

There's never been a Pecha Kucha in Port-au-Prince before. But on February 20, some 280 cities across the globe that have hosted the 20-seconds-per-20-slides architecture presentation cum party will join together to try and raise $1 million for Architecture for Humanity's relief efforts in Haiti. As the Pecha Kucha people put it on their site, it only took a matter of seconds for hundreds of thousands of lives to be forever changed. Hopefully, 200,000 design-savy, humanitarian-minded types will get together for a few more seconds in a week-and-a-half and start to put things back in order. There are nearly a dozen planned all across California, including an appearance by Cameron Sinclair in San Francisco, and about as many are planned for the Midwest, including a nice line up in Detroit. If we may brag for a moment, New York has it best as usual, not only with the proceedings taking place at 7 WTC, but including an all star panel of presenters, including Florian Idenburg, Gregg Pasquarelli, Craig Dykers, and our new bestie Iwan Baan. For 20 bucks, you bet we'll be there. And hopefully you'll be there, too.