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Six outdoor pavers that chart a new path in landscape design

Perfect for high-traffic areas, these outdoor flooring solutions have the wherewithal to last through the hottest summers and the coldest winters.
Pavimento Artistic Tile While terrazzo is typically poured in place, these large-format porcelain tiles can be assembled in a jiffy on-site. Because they’re commercial grade, the tiles are low maintenance and require no shining or waxing. Que bello!
The Ultimate Assembly with Architectural Pavers American Hydrotech, Inc. Hydrotech's Monolithic Membrane 6125, a seamless rubberized asphalt barrier, is the foundation of The Ultimate Assembly, a complete water management system made with open-joint pavers. Unlike most pavers that are asphalt-set, Hanover's pavers are installed on elevated pedestals above concealed drains. This complete roofing membrane avoids those typical paver problems, like freeze and thaw damage.
Soke Dekton by Cosentino This synthetic composite flooring has no cracks or imperfections, making it perfect for high traffic areas and extreme weather. Emulating the industrial look and cool touch of concrete, Soke has a matte finish distinguished by marble veining.
U-Cara Unilock Create dynamic brick walls and siding with this system. The patented design allows for various layouts and color combinations to be accurately assembled on tracks that connect to the back of the bricks.
Ipê Wood Tile Bison Innovative Products Ipê—also known as Brazilian Walnut—is so dense it doesn’t float in water. Known for durability and resistance to fire, the wooden planks, sourced from Central and South America and manufactured in Denver, make long-lasting decks and boardwalks.

Bera & Beren Walker Zanger

Bera & Beren porcelain tiles emulate the look and feel of fine-grain Portuguese and Spanish limestone, but unlike the naturally occurring stone, these tiles are made for high-traffic areas. They are available in smooth and textured finishes in a range of sizes and a rainbow of mineral-inspired colors. [Sponsored Product] American Hydrotech Elevating Hydrotech’s Garden Roof Assembly on a structural void component integrates the many advantages of a vegetated roof with the high water detention capabilities of a blue roof.
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Specsheet > Luminous, sustainable pavers and decks

Pavers and decks are increasingly attractive, interactive, and environmentally sustainable, while easily withstanding open-air foot traffic.
E_STREET Edilgres This collection of porcelain stoneware pavers is extremely durable, excellent for high-traffic areas such as commercial interiors and pool decks. These tiles are available in five colors and come in three sizes (24 by 48 inches, 24 by 24 inches, and 12 by 24 inches).
TERRAZZO LUMINA Sensitile This interactive concrete building material comes in slabs and tiles embedded with light-conducting channels that shift, shimmer, and twinkle in response to light, movement, and shadows. Each slab or tile is unique in composition—they are fashioned from a sustainable material containing at least 20 percent postconsumer waste for LEED credits.
STILL NO_W Flaviker Part of Flaviker's Wide collection, Still No_w is 1⁄4 inch thick, perfect for use as both a wall covering and flooring. The dry-pressed porcelain stoneware slabs come in a wide range of styles and shapes, which include triangular tiles that can be mixed and matched with contrasting shades to create a unique pattern.
NATURAL FEELING Novabell Novabell’s wood-look porcelain tiles come in four distinctive tones and seamlessly transition from an indoor to an outdoor space. Each plank bears a texture that mimics wood grain, but without the concerns that typically accompany the maintenance of aging outdoor surfaces. The Natural Feeling collection is made up of 40 percent recycled content.
NORDIC STONE Italgraniti Resembling the characteristics and qualities of Burlington stone, the Nordic Stone collection comes in six shades and seven different sizes. Italgraniti captured the distinct veining in each porcelain tile with a silky and soft finish. Functional and versatile, this collection responds well to large public spaces with heavy traffic.
PORCELAIN PAVERS Handydeck Available in wood, stone, cement, and rustic styles and in over 30 colors, these structural pavers can support loads over 2,000 pounds. They can be installed directly over existing concrete, laid over sand or gravel, embedded in mortar and grouted, or placed on adjustable-height pedestals for elevated decks and terraces.
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Product>pavers and decks that create cohesive outdoor spaces

New offerings in pavers and decks are increasingly decorative, so designers can create a flow between indoors and out with flooring that feels warm but acts tough. Walks Floor Gres

Walks ceramic tiles mimic the aesthetic properties of quartzite and are made of extra-thick ¾-inch porcelain stoneware, pressed at 882 pounds. The same pattern is available in 3/8- and ¼-inch thicknesses so that it can be applied indoors to create continuity.

Garden Crossville

The trio of colors in the Garden line—Belvedere, Arboretum, and Colonnade—take cues from Italian volcanic stone, porfido stone, and cobbled limestone. Each tile is treated with a Hydrotect coating, which has oxide-reducing, air-cleaning properties.

Permeable Pavers Black Locust Lumber

Permeable pavers provide a level walking surface for outdoor areas while allowing stormwater to recharge the groundwater system. The pavers are locked in place on steel mesh with iron screws, and any filler, such as sand, soil, or stone, can be used to seal the ADA-compliant gaps.

Story T-20 Supergres

Inspired by centuries-old recycled French stone, Story is available in four color options (gray, ivory, dark, and bronze) and can be laid in a number of ways, including on top of gravel, grass, and sand, traditionally glued or raised on top of polypropylene supports. Available in multiple trims.

Dekton Trilium Cosentino

The very first color option from Dekton to use recycled materials, Trilium emulates industrial oxidized steel. Dekton is highly UV- and scratch-resistant, as well as resistant to stains, fire and heat, ice and thawing, and abrasion, making it an excellent product for high-traffic areas.

Wide Refin

Available in five diverse neutrals, these large-size ceramic slabs (up to 94.5 by 47 inches) are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, creating a seamless look.

Aextra20 Caesar

These .87-inch-thick, single-piece porcelain slabs come with an antislip surface finish and are available in a 24-by-24-inch format in eight new colors, all inspired by natural stones.

Plank Style Pavers Tectura Designs

These hydraulically machine-pressed pavers provide the strength of concrete and the look of natural wood. They are available in all of Tectura’s color and finish options, and lengths and widths can be custom-made to fit individual projects.


Low-iron Glass

Pilkington Optiwhite™ is an extra-clear, low-iron float glass that is virtually colorless and has excellent light transmission, making it the ideal choice for applications where transparency and purity of color are desired.

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Product> On Solid Ground: New Pavers and Decking Products

Decking and pavers can enhance the look of a site while improving its environmental functionality. Better drainage and erosion prevention can be achieved through choosing the proper hardscape elements. Aqua Roc Belgard Aqua Roc permeable pavers boast an attractive residential look that stands up to the heaviest vehicular traffic. Environmentally friendly by reducing water run-off, the durable pavers are also comfortable underfoot, and are compliant with ADA standards. Treo Unilock These pavers feature EnduraColor, two performance layers that are compressed and cured together, which increases the strength and durability of the surfacing, as well its their color. In three formats and five colorways. Morvan Rocersa The buff tones of this porcelain paver give it wide aesthetic compatibility. Field tiles are offered in two sizes, with numerous trim pieces available. Sand Tectura Designs These pressed-concrete pavers are colored by tinting the cement matrix with standard-sized aggregate. Economically priced, the units have a uniform slip-resistant surface and are strong enough to be pedestal-set. In five standard hues; custom shades available. Wood Decking Tiles and Versadjust Supports Bison Innovative Products These adjustable deck supports are adjustable in in height, inches, have a 1250 pound weight bearing capacity, and features built-in slope compensation from 0-.5 inch/foot slope. Suitable for residential and commercial projects, the pedestals accommodate a variety of surface materials, including wooden deck tiles and concrete pavers. Consulate Daltile These through-body porcelain tiles are offered in two finishes: Antique, with the smooth look of recovered, aged marble and Quartzite, which emphasizes the natural texture and rich shades of the stone. The large format pavers are available in two sizes.
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Product> Great Pavers for Plazas and Hardscapes

From courtyards to car parks, pedestrian streets to city plazas, pavers offer an aesthetic and durable alternative to ordinary asphalt and concrete surfaces. Belpasso Paving Stones Unilock Non-slip and stain-resistant, these contemporary pavers are suitable for high traffic areas when correct sizes and laying patterns are observed. In two colorways. Moduline Belgard These interlocking concrete pavers can be laid in a 24-inch pattern either singularly or with additional sizes in a 3-inch ashlar format. Caucaso Grespania Measuring ¾-inch thick and 23 5/8-inch by 23 5/8-inch square, these porcelain pavers can be laid directly on sand, gravel, or grass beds, with no grouting or mortar needed. Pantheon Century Ceramica LEED-eligible, this collection of digitally printed porcelain stoneware tile is frost- and chemical-resistant. In five sizes and four colors. Pietra Dura Daltile A limestone lookalike in low-maintenance porcelain, these large format tiles come in a palette of neutral hues and unpolished surfaces. Suitable for high-traffic use. Woodland Pavers Hanover Architectural Products Produced with a defined wood grain finish, these pavers provide the look of traditional wood board decking with strength and durability of concrete pavers. Unlike wood, they won’t warp, splinter, or rot over time. Sized at 23 7/8” x 23 7/8”, the units are produced with scores to appear as four 6” x 24” boards.