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Look Out, La Jolla: Mitt’s Mega-Mansion Is Coming To Town

California Republicans (yes, there are a few, we think), your leader has arrived. After a multiyear battle, Mitt Romney has finally gotten permission to tear down their existing beachfront house and build an 11,000-square-foot mansion in La Jolla. Although it was approved in 2008 by the California Coastal Commission, neighbors were able to stymie the project—questioning whether it exceeded square footage allowances—until commissioners upheld their approval. According to the Los Angeles Times, the home is more than four times larger than the median house in the area. (As is this house by Zaha Hadid also planned for La Jolla.) It’s proof that Mitt truly loves the earth. And exploiting resources on top of it.
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New York Post on Politically-Charged Public Space and Priestly Palaces

We don't normally look to the New York Post for stories on architecture and planning. But while getting our shoes shined for tonights black tie Heritage Ball we had a chance to read the paper's Late City Final. There in the middle of stories on JonBenet Ramsey, a lawyer "ripping a Jet Slugger," and Lady Gaga's thigh tattoo was a smattering of the latest in design spectacle. Next to a story on Mitt Romney's new 5,900 square foot "secret hideout" in Holiday, Utah (which will apparently feature a bookcase that swivels open and leads into hidden room), there is a long story on Midtown Manhattan street plazas that both Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota are apparently thinking of "yanking…out," according to the paper. But halfway through the article, the Post claims that, though they "make a mess" for drivers, the plazas seem safe with de Blasio. His spokesman claimed that if he is elected mayor they "will remain a part of his approach." Then on page 20 next to a story on "equestrian killing was revenge" is a photo of German Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst and his stone and half-timbered home which the Post calls a "$43 million residence." Though the Bishop—known as the "Bishop of Bling"—claims the expense is due to the additional costs associated with "historical protection," he has been removed from his position and called back to Rome to explain himself. Reports indicate that the bathtub inside the complex carried a price tag of $20,000, which brings new meaning to the idiom, "cleanliness is next to godliness." What would we do without the Post?