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Karim Rashid is DJ Kreemy now

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Karim Rashid, one of the most famous designers in the world, got his start not in a world of colorful plastic blobs, but in the realm of engineering. After learning that the architecture program was full at Carleton University, he opted for a degree in industrial design and went on to create x-ray equipment for KAN Industrial Designers, mailboxes for the Canadian postal service, and power tools for Black & Decker. Rashid moved over to Nike, and some other, sexier places—creating the high-profile reputation he has today. Now the designer is reinventing himself in a new way, as a DJ with the moniker DJ Kreemy. He played a set during NYCxDESIGN this May at Industria Superstudio in collaboration with Martinelli Luce. Rashid plays the tunes you would expect: glimmering house music with colorful, slightly plastic-sounding synth riffs.

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Karim Rashid tones down colorful and controversial Harlem development

When Karim Rashid unveiled his plans for Hap 5—a residential building in East Harlem that had fluorescent pink and turquoise balconies—there were, how should we put this, some detractors. Turns out, the the community wasn't a huge fan of Rashid's, let's just say, vibrant color scheme. Facing some serious backlash, Rashid promised to take the community's concerns into account and launch a survey where they could vote on the building's final design. To his credit, Rashid delivered on that promise and created five alternative designs for the survey. Now, the votes are in and the community has opted for a much more subdued scheme. The new design, which Rashid says will be implemented, has white glass balconies and hues of pink that become less pronounced as they rise up the facade. “White glass always looks so elegant," explained Rashid in a statement. "The purity and cleanliness contrasting with the graduating pink hues running up the building, from fuchsia to almost white will give the building an ethereal glow." We'll see about that.
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Eavesdrop> Dust off your white leather jacket, Karim Rashid is back in town

Warmed over designer from the early 2000s, Karim Rashid, is back! The man in white is designing three new residential properties in upper Manhattan, “HAP FOUR N.Y.” in West Harlem, "HAP FIVE N.Y." in East Harlem, and “HAP SIX N.Y.” in Inwood. Known for curving forms, extensive use of plastics, and bright colors, Rashid has designed numerous products and interiors, such as the bulbous bottles for Method cleaning products. As Rashid steps into the world of architecture, his—let's say, expressive—approach has come under fire. But there's no stopping him now... The city recently  approved, HAP 5—Rashid's 8-story residential project that has fluorescent turquoise and pink balconies. But here's the thing: in April, HAP Investment Developers, the developer behind the project, told the Daily News that it would circulate a public poll so local residents could weigh-in on the design. But as you may have guessed, that never happened. Now building permits have been issued. The design could potentially be tweaked, though, as HAP's chief executive told the News that the design is still being finalized.
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Rashid Karim–Designed Vodka Bottle Looks Like a Piece of Ice

It seems booze is on high-design minds. The latest in AN's series of high-end liquor bottles by top-tier designers comes from the prolific Prince of Pink, New York’s own Karim Rashid. Teaming up with American luxury vodka brand Anestasia, Karim has delivered a jagged, crystalline container that differs from his usual globulous rose creations. The bottle’s angular forms were supposedly drawn from word “vodka” itself, or more specifically the shapes of the letters V and K. Aside from the asymmetrical bottle design, Rashid is also responsible for the brand’s logo, typeface, and visual identity.
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Design Week> BOOMSPDESIGN in Sao Paolo

As we noted while visiting the Center for Architecture back in July, the Brazilian design scene continues to heat up. This week in Sao Paolo the BOOMSPDESIGN International Forum of Architecture, Design and Art is back for its fourth year. In addition to a series of symposia with international and native talent, this design week will also include on-the-street collaborative art and design projects. Curator Roberto Cocenza has pulled together a diverse mix of talent from Tokyo to Miami. This year Studio Dror, Matali Crasset, Paul Clemence, Cat, Harry Allen, Chad Oppenheim, Mount Fuji, Jade Dressler, and Rene Gonzales will criss-cross the globe to join Brazilians Brunete Fraccaroli, FGMF, Glauco Diogenes, Guilherme Torres, Sergio Matos, and Zoe Melo. An exhibition of Karim Rashid’s work will also be shown, as will a multi-generational exhibition of Japanese architecture titled “reset .11.03.11 new paradigms.” BOOMSPDESIGN runs through September 2.