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London keeps it cool: Pop-up igloos line the Thames riverbank by Tower Bridge

Although Pingu may have been well-accustomed to immaculately furnished igloos, it's fair to say that most humans are not. However, those strolling the banks of the River Thames this winter may find just that. Located a stone's throw from Tower Bridge, the Coppa Club in London has installed a series of PVC pop-up igloos for people to dine, drink and socialize in. At 11.5 feet in diameter, each of the eight igloos provides views onto the HMS Belfast warship, Tower Bridge, and the Shard as well as the sky above (though London isn't quite the place for stargazing). Heaters and sheepskin blankets keep the hemispheres cozy and aim to attract visitors to the area in the less busy winter months. "The terrace is so busy in summer," said the designer of igloos, Theresa Obermoser, speaking to The Architect's Newspaper (AN). "It was important to create a space where people can sit outside and enjoy the view even when it is cold. The igloos are great because guests can still enjoy the marvelous view while sitting in a nice warm igloo." Three of the igloos are fitted for dining purposes meanwhile the remaining five serve as lounge igloos. Capable of accommodating eight people, Thonet bentwood chairs with leather seat pads and sheepskin blankets, combined with oak wood tables topped with glass pendants, complete the classy urban/arctic dining experience. For the lounge igloos, Obermoser said it was "important to mix different fabrics" to "create a cozy feeling." Here, a mix of vintage rattan and Gubi chairs, with velvet sofas, linen cushions, and more sheepskin blankets can be found. Floor reading lamps and festoon lights illuminate the spaces while funk, soul, and jazz play out from the inbuilt speakers. Obermoser also said that planting was added to all the igloos to "soften the look." "With the amazing view given it was the biggest challenge to make the igloos feel as cozy as possible but not to block the view on tower bridge or the Shard with any of the furniture," she continued. The PVC hemispheres from Garden Igloo are fixed onto the heavy bases with wooden floor. "I had to design to make sure the igloos wouldn't be blown away." The igloos at the Coppa Club won't be by the Thames for long, though. All eight will be open until January next year.
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First Ever Igloo In LA

Our friends at Curbed just reminded us of the latest creation at Silver Lake archi-gallery Materials & Applications: Light Frames, an installation by LA architect Gail Peter Borden. The project consists of two parts: the "igloo"-looking segment, seen above, is what Borden calls an enclosed "chapel," built out of translucent vinyl plastic and perfect for meditation. The second is a hand-assembled dome—its triangulated metal structure completely exposed—resting at the entrance to the gallery's courtyard.  Together they resemble, perhaps, the love child of an Eskimo and Buckminster Fuller. Or at least that's how this strange mind sees it.