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On View> Density Frames: Worship The Puffy Chapel

If you didn’t catch the giant inflatable pop-up chapel/igloo at Silver Lake's Materials & Applications gallery last year, now’s your chance to experience it in person.  Well, it’s cousin anyway. The 25-foot-tall second rendition, Density Frames was designed by USC’s architecture director Gail Peter Borden for the school’s Religious Center courtyard. The irregularly-shaped balloon-like structure will be on display through December 15. Based on a baldacchino, a traditional canopy used in cathedrals, the ethereal, undulating installation is made from metal electrical piping and plastic drop cloths. Visitors can turn on the blower and watch puffy arms burst to life and sway in the sky as they ponder the effects of light, space, and form. According to Borden the piece was designed to “evoke a primal spirituality founded in our own perception and relationship with ourselves.” The project was fabricated by Borden and four other students over four weeks at a cost of $1,000. The exhibit is free and open to the public daily. A map of USC University Park campus can be found here.
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First Ever Igloo In LA

Our friends at Curbed just reminded us of the latest creation at Silver Lake archi-gallery Materials & Applications: Light Frames, an installation by LA architect Gail Peter Borden. The project consists of two parts: the "igloo"-looking segment, seen above, is what Borden calls an enclosed "chapel," built out of translucent vinyl plastic and perfect for meditation. The second is a hand-assembled dome—its triangulated metal structure completely exposed—resting at the entrance to the gallery's courtyard.  Together they resemble, perhaps, the love child of an Eskimo and Buckminster Fuller. Or at least that's how this strange mind sees it.