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Brooklyn Group Calls for Designers To Raise the Fun Quotient of Atlantic Avenue's Funderpass

Atlantic Avenue is one step closer to getting its Funderpass. The Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) just announced a Request for Proposals to redesign the space below the drab BQE underpass to create a more pedestrian-friendly connection between the shops and restaurants on Atlantic Avenue and Brooklyn Bridge Park. The RFP encourages respondents to “partner with another organization such as a lighting designer, landscape firm, or graphic design firm to broaden the expertise of the team you submit to us.” Last December, AN reported that the Atlantic Avenue BID received a $75,000 grant from the NYC Department of Small Business Services for this project. The deadline for the RFP is February 26th, 2013.
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Architect Proposes Greening the West Side Highway with the "Vine Line"

Stuck with the post-Sandy realization that buried waterfront highways are unlikely to be buried for fear of flooding, designers are looking to spruce them up, instead. The emerging "funderpass" movement hit Brooklyn last week, and now Manhattan's Upper West Side has its own proposal, the leafy "Vine Line." Architect Laurence Tamaccio has proposed hiding, or rather masking, an elevated section of the West Side Highway between 61st and 72nd streets with a green scheme of vines and waterfalls. Plans had been on the table to bury the highway once and for all after a collapse in the 1970s and the contentious process of rebuilding it, but after Hurricane Sandy, that option seems in doubt. So far, Tamaccio’s plan, which also offers a grey water filtering system and a café, has been greeted with support from the community board and many local residents. While the proposed waterfalls add a level of complexity to the proposal, the heart of the Vine Line is rather simple structurally. A series of lightweight wire rods and cables would be attached to the highway's existing structure, forming an arched armature on which vines will grow. According to the Vine Line:
This arbor treatment will create a grand promenade of living green columns and arches that will link the midtown piers at West 59th Street, the south entrance to Riverside Park South with historic Riverside Park at West 72nd Street, the north section of Riverside Park South.
To bring the “Vine Line” to completion Tamaccio has drafted a petition for local neighbors, himself included, and launched a Facebook page. The next steps will be creating a non-profit for the project and spreading the word throughout the community. [Via NY Press.]
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Brooklyn to Create Pedestrian Friendly "Funderpass" Beneath BQE Expressway

These days, it seems that the Brooklyn community is doing its best to find creative solutions to ameliorate the awkward neighborhood divisions caused by the BQE. The Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) just received a grant for $75,000 from the NYC Department of Small Business Services to create what they’re calling a “funderpass” that will turn the dreary BQE underpass into a pedestrian-friendly passageway, which provides a direct connection between the shops and businesses on Atlantic Avenue and the Brooklyn Bridge Park and Pier 6. The Atlantic Avenue BID will team up with the Design Trust for Public Space to redesign the underpass to include wall murals by Groundswell, and new amenities such as a bike service station, seating, lighting improvements, and prominent wayfinding signage. BID hopes to finalize the design and possibly implement these changes by the end of 2013.