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Metal cladding has come a long way from black or silver rectangular panels. Advances in fabrication and engineering now allow for contoured and colored facades that are as durable and installation-friendly as they are eye-catching. PATINA Flat-Lock Panels Rheinzink For large surface areas, these panels offer architects a tremendous amount of artistic freedom as they can be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in a range of widths. Variable joint staggering also opens up a wealth of aesthetic options. Complex facades with convex and concave geometries are well-suited for cladding with these panels. Multi-Cor Panels McElroy Metal Offered in 22, 24, and 26 gauge, these panels can be specified with siliconized polyester coatings. The standard minimum length is three feet; the standard maximum length is 50 feet. Gotham MetalWorks Custom-fabricated sheet metal elements—from skylights to cornices to flashings—can give renovation, restoration, and new construction projects a distinctive character. IntelliScreen Imetco This fully-integrated rainscreen assembly includes metal wall panels available in various materials and colors; vented horizontal hat channel with a patent-pending design that creates a one-inch air cavity for ventilation and virtually eliminates thermal bridging; stone wool continuous insulation offering thermal efficiency and fire resistance; and water-resistive air barriers that stop the flow of air and liquid water while allowing controlled diffusion of water vapor. Designer Series - Flat MBCI The Designer Series 12.0 Flat Panel offers a 1 ¾-inch-deep leg that provides a cavity for rigid board insulation. The panel features concealed fastened systems, enhancing the appearance of a building. One leg of the panel attaches to structural members using a concealed clip, and the other leg snaps securely into the adjoining panel, locking them into position. Alucobond PE Alucobond Consisting of two sheets of smooth .02-inch aluminum thermobonded to a polyethylene core, this lightweight composite panel is easily textured or curved. Offered in a comprehensive color palette.
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Perforated, solid sheet, formed, mesh: The versatility of metal as a sculptural facade material is unequalled. A wide range of finish options—polished, matte, or textured; color-coated, natural, or even gilded—enhances the aesthetic possibilities. Gradients Collection Moz Designs The Gradients Collection includes nine ombré color spectrums and a choice of nine textured finishes that add visual interest and dimension to the iridescent surfaces. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, the collection is available in four-foot by eight-foot or four-foot by ten-foot aluminum or corrugated aluminum panels with thicknesses ranging from .040 to .125 inches. Fabricated from recycled metal, the product is LEED eligible. Designwall Series Benchmark by Kingspan The Designwall line of insulated metal panels now features a high performance joint that enhances R-values and affords superior resistance to air and water penetration, owing to a double-sealed joint in the face/liner, a double-sloped drainage shelf, and a double pressure equalization chamber. UNA-CLAD Delta Concealed Fastener Panels Firestone Building Products The Delta Series is a high-performance cladding system, available in a range of materials and eleven profiles. The design of the panels allows for rapid installation and features a unique visual safeguard to ensure panels are correctly interconnected. There are 31 standard colors offered; custom colors are optional. Cubist Mesh Cambridge Architectural Modifying the width and pitch of the individual spirals of this metal mesh provides flexibility in design and allows architects to create decorative and solar-shading patterns within the pattern. The spirals can be adapted to range from 3/8 inches to 3 inches in width and 1/2 inch to 1-inch in pitch. Envelope 2000 Citadel Architectural Products Envelope 2000 is a composite panel consisting of two aluminum skins bonded to a thermoset phenolic resin core. Standard sizes available include eight-, ten- and 12-foot lengths, in widths measuring four or five feet. LEED eligible, it can be used as exterior cladding on walls, canopies, fascia, and accent bands. Snap-Clad Panel Pac-Clad Petersen Aluminum These architectural/structural roofing panels are corrective leveled to provide superior flatness. A concealed fastener clip system allows for thermal expansion and contraction while providing ample hold-down strength. A factory-applied sealing bead is optional for the aluminum panels.