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Still Time To Join The Autodesk: Intro To Cloud Based Design Workshop With DesignX At ICFF

Don't miss out on your chance to get the inside scoop on the future of digital design workflows at the Autodesk: Intro To Cloud Based Design workshop happening this afternoon at ICFF. The era of cloud-based design is upon us, making it possible to access data from anywhere, at any time, and on any platform. This hands-on lab will introduce designers to a typical Autodesk Fusion 360 workflow, including importing 2D sketches and reference material to develop a design using T-Spline modeling strategies. There's still time, so head on down to the Javits center and sign up for the seminar, which begins at 2:30p.m. today.
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Featured DesignX Workshop> Skylar Tibbits To Present 4D Printing & Bio-Molecular Self Assembly

designx_4d_01 DesignX presenter Skylar Tibbits, the founder of SJET, Director of Self Assembly Lab, and Senior TED Fellow, will host a hands-on lab introducing interior designers and architects to the future of additive manufacturing and programmable matter. Discover how matter programmers design materials to self-assemble when exposed to the elements. Additional topics include 4D printing and how 3D printing technology is changing. Tibbits will utilize self-assembling structures to touch base on what these changes mean for design practices. The workshop takes place on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 from 12:30 to 1:30 PM and offers 1 AIA CEU. Registration is available online.
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designx_rhino_02 Interested in learning how to build parametric design models using Grasshopper for Rhino3D? DesignX, in conjunction with the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, is offering a workshop on Monday, May 20, 2013 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM that focuses on fundamental concepts and mechanisms with an emphasis on professional practice. Instructors Ronnie Parsons and Gil Akos will help participants understand pertinent applications of parametric design and will demonstrate how to use Grasshopper in creative practices. Interiors, architects, and anyone seeking to find out what parametric design is and when it is useful can register and attend. The workshop fulfills two AIA CEUs.
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Featured DesignX Workshop: Intro to Cloud-Based Design with Autodesk 360

designx_cloud_01 Take advantage of a valuable course at the inaugural DesignX, hosted by the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, and learn about Autodesk 360. Discover how the program takes software capabilities beyond the desktop and allows users to access information anywhere, anytime, and on several platforms. The comprehensive cloud-based design structure offers tools and services that simplify work and has the ability to scale up or down to meet business requirements. Anyone interested in learning about cloud-based design tools and services are encouraged to participate in the workshop on Monday, May 20 from 2:30 to 3:30 PM. Reserve your space here and check out other workshops online. This course offers 1 AIA CEU and is taught by Roger Liucci.
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Get AIA CES Credits At Designx/Francis Bitoni Workshop

NYCxDesignJoin us for four days of hands-on digital design and fabrication workshops and at DesignX, hosted by the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, and earn your AIA CES credits! From May 18-21, you can join the industry’s leading experts at the Jacob Javits Center to get your hands dirty with the latest in web-based design apps, parametric design, and interactive modeling services. Stop by Saturday to get the lowdown on 3D printed fabrics from Francis Bitoni, the man behind Dita Von Teese’s miraculously printed gown. Learn how 3D printing is transforming the textile and fashion industries, and get started with the fundamentals of Rhino3D—the world’s leading modeling software. The workshop will cover the basics for creating your design, manipulating geometries, and preparing your textile model for 3D printing. Visit to reserve your space now, and for more information of the workshops and events.
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Digital Design Focus at ICFF


Experts in digital design will lead four days of workshops and dialog at ICFF.

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) is expanding its program offerings with DesignX, its first ever series of digital design and fabrication training workshops conducted by leading experts in field. The four days of educational sessions will cover digital tools, cloud-based apps, 3D printing, and other related topics. Three-dimensional printing-related courses include Introduction to 3D Printing for Designers; Introduction to 3D Printing Marketplaces; Hands-On Desktop Prototyping for Designers; and 3D Printed Fabrics: Modeling Interlocking Elements with Rhino 3D. Workshops on digital design software and platforms include Introduction to Physical Computing for Designers; Introduction to Cloud-based Applications for Designers; Introduction to Cloud-based Design Platforms; Generative Design Apps: Product Customization Through the Web; Interactive Modeling: Responsive Design with Firefly; Parametric Design: Visual Programming with Grasshopper; Designing in the Cloud: Intuitive Modeling with Fusion360; Designing for Production: Integrated Fabrication with 123D Make; and Real Time Project Visualization with Showcase. Noted luminaries in the digital design field will conduct each of the seminars. Senior TED Fellow Skylar Tibbits will present Matter Programmers: 4D Printing & Bio-molecular Self Assembly. Jesse Rosenberg and Jessica Rosenkrantz of Nervous System will present seminars on 3D-printing and guide participants through the fabrication of a custom accessory with the firm's proprietary apps. Ronnie Parsons and Gil Akos of Mode Lab will help attendees navigate the sea of parametric design tools, from Grasshopper to Fusion360. Andrew Baccon and Erik Tietz will lead the Designing for Production discussion and show designers how to navigate their new web-based service, MachineMade. Andrew Payne of Firefly will walk designers through the platform's interactive modeling services, and Francis Bitoni will connect themes at Modeling Interlocking Elements with Rhino3D. For more information or to reserve your space at any of the workshops, visit
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3D Printing Guru Skylar Tibbits To Lead DesignX Workshop at ICFF, May 21

It's not science fiction. One day, buildings may build themselves. Enter the world of Senior TED Fellow Skylar Tibbits, where "matter programmers" design the characteristics of materials that self-assemble when exposed to air, water, or temperature changes. Join Tibbits on May 21 at a DesignX ICFF workshop for a hands-on lab that will introduce designers to the future of additive manufacturing and programmable matter.
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AN's DesignX Workshops To Push Forefront of Digital Design

designX Since we began ten years ago, The Architect's Newspaper has been at the forefront of cutting-edge design trends. Over the past several years, we've given extensive attention to the growing field of digital design and fabrication. In addition, AN's Editor-in-Chief William Menking called for New York City to embrace its architecture and design potential, last year penning two editorials on the subject. This year, AN is partnering with Mode Collective to create designX, which will launch in New York at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair's (ICFF) Material Makers' workshops. Topics will include parametric design, digital fabrication, and web-based design apps.