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  Meeting tight project deadlines and remaining on budget with custom high performance entrance systems can be difficult to coordinate, as high-grade commercial doors with short lead times are not easily obtainable. CRL-U.S. Aluminum has solved this issue with its line of Balanced Doors, which can be crafted and delivered in less than 30 days and competitively priced compared to traditional swing doors. These performance-driven systems are not bound by common availability delays or premium costs that often hinder the architectural community’s confidence in specifying balanced doors. Whether it’s Chicago’s high wind pressures or the nearly 300,000 daily riders at New York City’s redesigned Fulton Center, CRL-U.S. Aluminum Balanced Doors are precision-engineered and tested to withstand maximal wind and traffic applications while effortlessly accommodating A.D.A. accessibility needs. CRL-U.S. Aluminum’s advanced manufacturing capabilities and innovative engineering approaches have allowed architects to design confidentially without compromising aesthetic vision in the interest of budget or lead time – an assurance no other manufacturer can offer. To learn more, visit or see CRL-U.S. Aluminum at Facades+ in Los Angeles, Feb. 5
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Product> Eight cool solar shading options

Essentially low-tech solutions with high-tech refinements, shades, shelves, and canopies control the sun while adding an architectural element to the design. CRL-U.S. Aluminum Series 3600 Sunshade System C.R. Laurence The screw spline assembly design (above) features a choice of outrigger profiles with a variety of louver and fascia profiles available. FM 41 InSync Solar This automated exterior-mounted roller shading system blocks the sun before it enters a structure, reducing heat and glare more effectively than interior shading technologies. MagnaShade MechoSystems A unique cradle element supports the shade tube without increasing its diameter, allowing the overall size of the interior roller-shade system to remain compact. InLighten Light Shelf Kawneer Featuring an extruded aluminum chassis and a choice of polycarbonate or aluminum-composite panels, this tilting shelf bounces daylight deep into interior spaces. GreenScreen Revive Mermet USA Available in nine colors, these PVC-free polyester solar-control fabrics reduce glare and reflect light. C2C and GreenGuard Gold certified, the collection is available in 1 percent and 5 percent openness. Cubist Cambridge Architectural This flexible stainless steel mesh has an open area of 80 percent. Available in a maximum width of 144 inches, it weighs 1.85 pounds-per-square foot. Koda XT 3form A custom-molded polycarbonate roof houses PV modules that power the bus shelter's lighting and send additional energy back to the community's electrical power grid. Aluminum Sails Levolux Custom fabricated, these single skin, perforated aluminum sheets control light and heat while giving the structure a distinctive appearance.