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Waterfront Gateway Design Competition: New Rochelle, NY To Launch Important Architecture Competition June 19

The City of New Rochelle, New York, is announcing the start of an exciting new competition to re-imagine its waterfront and downtown communities. Founded in 1688 by a craftsman from La Rochelle, France, New Rochelle, sits on the shore of Long Island Sound just a few miles north of New York City. A diverse, highly livable, and walkable place, the city has made great strides in recent years to rehabilitate its infrastructure and historic downtown. However, there is only a single block in the commercial quarter that touches on the shore of Long Island Sound. This is the site of the competition. In order to take advantage of this valuable waterfront, the city is sponsoring the three-part Waterfront Gateway Design Competition, which will officially launch tomorrow, Thursday at noon. Located at the edge of downtown and surrounding residential communities, the 2.92-acre plot is on historic highway Route 1. The site is home to a 1931 armory that has been abandoned for many years. It is also on an important promontory overlooking Long Island Sound's Echo Bay. This competition seeks creative and innovative proposals for the design, planning, and re-imaging of the site, as well as two adjacent parcels on Echo Bay. It is anticipated that the winning proposal, which will be selected by a high-profile jury of architects, planners, and public officials, will become the basis for the development of the site. We believe this is the most important competition to take place in Westchester County in many years. The competition website with more details on how to enter launches tomorrow, so stay tuned for your chance to make a lasting impact in New Rochelle. The competition concludes November 22, 2013.

The Shortlist> Top Five Competitions of the Week

Are you eager to put your architectural design skills to the test?  Here are some exciting upcoming competitions that will be sure to present you with the type of challenge you’ve been waiting for. AN's editors have combed through our online listing of architecture and design competitions to bring you five of the most interesting competitions happening right now. If you’d like your competition to be included in the listing, please submit it here. Transform Kansas City. Kansas City is on the brink of investing in various rail transportation projects, a critical juncture that offers the metropolitan region the opportunity to create a new vision for the future. A joint effort between the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance and the AIA Kansas City Young Architects Forum, Transform KC encourages anyone with ideas, regardless of background and experience, to submit transportation, urban design, and architecture designs to its 2013 Ideas Competition. Submission Deadline: June 30, 2013. Laser-Cut Paper Design Competition.  You Fab, an international design competition, is asking creators to submit designs made with paper and a laser cutter. The competition seeks to bring paper, an everyday essential and a familiar household item, together with the revolutionary art of digital fabrication. The call for entries is divided in three categories (paper toys, greeting cards, and party wear/accessories) to represent three situations where people and paper come together: "Play", "Communication" and "Surprises." Submission Deadline: July 15, 2013. 280 Freeway Competition—Reimagine. Reconnect. Restore. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee recently announced the possible removal of the elevated Highway 280 north of 16th Street. So far, the city has enjoyed two neighborhood revivals through freeway demolition. Center for Architecture and Design's 280 Freeway Competition seeks artists, designers, architects, students, and urban planners to submit project plans for public art, buildings, landscape treatments, public amenities, and infrastructure that could be made possible through replacing a section of Highway 280 with a surface boulevard. Entry is free and up to $10,000 in prizes will be awarded. Submission Deadline: July 31, 2013. Your World, Reimagined. Your World, Reimagined, a global design competition, encourages professional and student designers to consider new, improved uses for old, dilapidated or run-down structures. Submissions can focus on adaptive reuse, landscape reclamation, object redesign or other aspect. Judges will select an overall winner and winners in other categories including Best Computer Rendering, Best Animation, Best 3D Modeling, and Best 2D Plan. Submission Deadline: August 16, 2013. Frogtown Farm: Frogtown, a historically working-class neighborhood in St. Paul, Minn. with less than .006 acres of green space per child, is one of the two areas in the city most in need of a new park. Frogtown Gardens is calling for design submissions for a plan for a 5-acre farm located in a 13-acre parcel of land at the heart of Frogtown. The new park will have three primary components: a Recreation Area, a Nature Sanctuary, and The Farm. It will serve as a nature preserve, boost economic development, and raise community pride. Submission Deadline: June 25, 2013

The Shortlist> Top Five Competitions of the Week

Are you eager to put your architectural design skills to the test?  Here are some exciting upcoming competitions that will be sure to present you with the type of challenge you’ve been waiting for. AN‘s editors have combed through our online listing of architecture and design competitions to bring you five of the most interesting competitions happening right now. If you’d like your competition to be included in the listing, please submit it here. Remodelista & Gardenista Considered Design Awards. Remodelista is inviting its dedicated readers to submit their successful personal design endeavors for its first Design Awards. All kitchen, dining, bedroom, bath, and office projects are welcome for submission. For outdoor enthusiasts, Gardenista is searching for projects in five other categories. Judges will select up to five finalists in each category and then readers will vote for their favorites. Winners will be featured in a post and will receive a hand-wrought iron Symi Lantern in black matte finish with a hand-stitched leather handle from Casamidy. Submission Deadline: June 14, 2013 The Connected City Design Challenge. The Connected City Design competition seeks daring design ideas that will link Dallas' Downtown and Trinity River. The designs must confront and overcome the area's current physical, psychological, and economic separation. The city's main urban areas are experiencing a rebirth and rejuvenation, but no natural or inviting way of connecting Downtown to the planned Trinity River Corridor Park exists today. The Connected City Design Challenge, produced by the Dallas CityDesign Studio, is a competitive process with categories for professionals and non-professionals. Registration Deadline: September 12, 2013 Submission Deadline: September 19, 2013 Sunbrella Future of Shade Contest. The world's leading performance fabric manufacturer Sunbrella invites architects and designers to design a proposal that shows how the durable material changes the way people think about building and space design. Size is no issue, but the project must demonstrate an innovative use of Sunbrella fabric to offer protection from the elements or to highlight a building's aesthetics. Winners could win $10,000 in cash and some of the designs will be showcased at AIA in Denver and at IFAI in Orlando. Architizer will showcase the strongest ideas to millions of readers and social media fans. Submission Deadline: Thursday, June 13, 2013 Next Landmark 2013. Floornature international architecture and urban photography contest Next Landmark 2013 is open to architects, engineers, landscape architects, urban planners and designers who graduated after 1st January 2000. Whether an entrant's forte is architecture or photography, the competition gives first works and architectural research visibility through web initiatives and events. There will be one winner in the First Work, Research, and Photography categories and two honorable mentions per category. Along with other prizes, Next Landmark 2013 will take the winners to Helsinki Design Week. Submission Deadline: Sunday, June 30, 2013 Water Index. Combating climate change is an increasingly pressing matter. The University of Virginia School of Architecture is searching for visions for the future of water. Submissions will be considered for inclusion in an upcoming book on the topic called WATER INDEX. The book will highlight promising and provocative solutions for the future of water and civilization.  Projects must recognize and challenge 21st-Century water issues and will be categorized into three conditions: The Rising, The Contaminated, and The Disappearing. Submission Deadline: May 31, 2013

2013 Landmark Miami Competition Announces Winning Entries

Winners are in for the 2013 Landmark Miami competition. In DawnTown's sixth international ideas competition they challenged designers to explore the iconography of cities by creating a new landmark for the future of Miami that could be placed in Bayfront Park. Landmark Miami received over 100 entries from all over the world, including El Salvador, Cuba, Iran, the Philippines, and France. The jury selected three winners plus an honorable mention. 1st Place Project Name: Miami Lift Team Name: Studio Dror Location: New York City From the design team: Miami's extensive beaches, unique culture, and prime location for cruise travel create a cohesive identity, allowing the city itself to be an icon. Miami Lift pays tribute to this by elevating visitors giving them a new perspective of the city. 2nd Place Project Name: Lemonade Square Team Name: REMED Tame Members: David Giraldeau, Alexandre Guilbeault Locations: Montreal From the design team: The concept of Lemonade Square is a perforated platform of 57,600 square feet, floating above the ground. Floating on delicate legs, this museum-like object succeeds at creating superimposed plazas with contemporary characters. The upper level holds giant wading pools and allows people to escape from summer heat. Underneath, a glamorous public place benefits from the surprising sunlight effects and offers to the city a unique contemplative site. 3rd Place Project Name: Torre De Las Americas Team Members: Mauricio Gonzalez, Alfredo Anida Location: Miami/Santiago, Chlie From the design team: The Tower of the Americas is a spatial deluge. It is a vertical flood of platforms that creates an open exhibit that celebrates the diversity of our emergent metropolis. This open tower works with the vertigo of public space. It challenges its visitors as does the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is a hiking museum. In each one of the platforms different events are generated. The tower is open, thus reducing the resistance to the torque forces generated by the wind. The proposal has a system of Multiple Tunned-Mass-Dampers and very short spans between the chromed columns. This strategy will allow for this tower to be the "tallest-slender tower" building in the world. Honorable Mention Project Name: Great Spirit Woods Team Name: Vojtěch Kolář + Team Members: Jakub Frolik & Vojtěch Kolář Location: Brno, Czech Republic From the design team: Great Spirit Woods is located in the southern part of Bayfront Park, which has always been a place of relax and rest. Idea of this proposal is to maintain these values and enrich them. Walking through an artificial forest made of steel columns of a circular cross-section...the highest columns rise up to 500 feet, the whole monumental project also has a function of a lighthouse.

Battery Conservancy Announces 50 Chair Design Finalists in “Draw Up a Chair” Competition

After reviewing 679 remarkable entries, a world-renowned jury on behalf of New York City’s Battery Conservancy and NYC Parks has selected the top 50 designs of the “Draw Up A Chair” design competition. The chair proposals are by students and professionals from nine countries around the world. The winning submission will be built and available for public use in Lower Manhattan's Battery Park. NYC Parks is eager to share the designs with the public and to receive feedback, as the chair will be for all New Yorkers and visitors to use upon installation. The Battery Conservancy established the competition to emphasize and encourage excellence in design and innovation in the public realm. The Conservancy is asking the public to participate in the competition by commenting online about the chairs. The top 50 designs are available to view from May through October on banners near the Battery Green in Lower Manhattan. Visitors can express their opinions on-site by texting (424) CHAIR-55. All 679 submissions are viewable through the online gallery. The selection of the top 50 chair designs is the second in the four-phase competition. The next round of finalists will be revealed in November and the Conservancy will build full-scale prototypes of the curated selection. The final winner will receive $10,000 and the winning design will be replicated at an estimated 300 units for public use on the Battery Green.

The Shortlist> Top Five Competitions of the Week

Are you eager to put your architectural design skills to the test?  Here are some exciting upcoming competitions that will be sure to present you with the type of challenge you’ve been waiting for. AN‘s editors have combed through our online listing of architecture and design competitions to bring you five of the most interesting competitions happening right now. If you’d like your competition to be included in the listing, please submit it here. Redesigning Detroit: A New Vision for an Iconic Site. Opportunity Detroit is on the hunt for innovative, creative, and inspired designs for a new building that will be built on the historic Hudson's site, one of the most beloved locations in downtown Detroit. The goal is to change the city's image and to promote it as a positive place where anyone may live, work, play and invest. The competition, sponsored by Rock Ventures, will award a first prize of $15,000, a second prize of $5,000 and third prize of $2,500. Take action and submit a new vision for the iconic site. Registration Deadline: April 30, 2013 Submission Deadline: May 31, 2013 The Public Policy Lab Call for Fellows. The Public Policy Lab, the New York City Department of Education's Innovation Zone (iZone), and the Office of School Enrollment have formed a partnership and are searching for opportunities to improve the high-school admissions process. The NYC Department of Education is the largest school district in the country and each year thousands of students participate in a complex school-selection and application process. Three fellowships for design research, visual design, and project strategy will be awarded to professionals interested in participating in the initiative to test iZone's approaches and ongoing use of design-based innovation techniques. Submission Deadline: May 5, 2013 Slant Open International Competition 2013: "Evoking Memories." SLANT is hosting an international landscape design competition in which it invites designers of all disciplines and experience levels to submit their designs for a "show garden." Entrants are encouraged to interpret the competition any way they'd like, but the design should succeed in evoking some kind of memory, whether it be of a person, place, or event, personal or nationally-known. The top two designs will receive monetary prizes and six others will receive merit awards. Submission Deadline: May 20, 2013 International Gastronomic Center. From the beginning of time food has always brought people together. Through hunting, fishing, agriculture, and raising livestock the Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Arabs, Byzantines, and French developed their own regional cuisines. The growth of transportation via roads and boats led to the rise in tourism and consequently to the mixing and intermingling of these different cuisines, resulting in cuisines composed of diverse cultural components. The International Gastronomic Center invites architects from all over the world to design a new center that will attract chefs from all stretches of the world. The ideal center will accommodate their research initiatives, provide chefs with a space in which they can openly exchange their knowledge and ideas, and encourage creative experimentation. Additionally the design must include public spaces, classrooms, and conference rooms. The top three winners will receive cash prizes and recognition by being published in various international publications. Registration Deadline: May 24th, 2013 Submission Deadline: June 14, 2013 Search and Destroy_Target #1.0 Rome. Inspired by Emperor Nero's quote, "Rome will be born again, more beautiful and magnificent than ever before," this competition dares architects to select any historical site in Rome, whether it be the Coliseum or the Ara Pacis, destroy it, and in its place redesign a new building that will hold the same meaning and serve the same purpose as the one before. This provocative competition aims to challenge entrants to contemplate the role that contemporary architecture plays in a historical city and consider the way that it responds to  concepts of collective memory, monument, and identity. Registration Deadline: May 18, 2013 Submission Deadline: May 20, 2013

Coming Soon To Vacant Lots in St. Louis: Chess, Farming, Sunflower Rehab

The winners of St. Louis’ first-ever “Sustainable Land Lab” competition, put on by Washington University and city officials, attempted to make the most of a regrettably abundant resource: vacant lots. Local architects took top honors in a competition that garnered some four dozen submissions. Each winner gets a two-year lease on a North St. Louis vacant lot and $5,000 in seed money to realize their ideas. Five winning projects will share four lots (two finalist teams combined their proposals into one new plan) across the city. 1. Bistro Box  / Renewing Roots Urban Farm (now called Our Farm) — Repurposed shipping containers comprise a small, unpretentious restaurant attached to an urban farm. 2. Chess Pocket Park — Just what it sounds like.  A small park meant to build community around outdoor chess tables. 3. Mighty Mississippians — A "modern agricultural model" would combine farming, recreation and environmental remediation in a permacultural park. 4.Sunflower+ Project — A test plot for environmental remediation via sunflower and winter wheat farming. The plants will be encouraged through electroculture, an experimental farming technique that uses electricity to encourage plant growth. St. Louis, like many cities pock-marked with vacant land, spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year just mowing vacant parcels. The land lab competition follows other innovative design competitions, like Flint, Michigan's Flat Lot and the Cleveland Design Competition, that encourage adaptive reuse and creative public projects throughout the Midwest. A ground-breaking ceremony is scheduled for April 27.

The Shortlist> AN’s Editors Pick Five Competitions of the Week

Are you eager to put your architectural design skills to the test?  Here are some exciting upcoming competitions that will be sure to present you with the type of challenge you've been waiting for. AN's editors have combed through our online listing of architecture and design competitions to bring you five of the most interesting competitions happening right now. If you’d like your competition to be included in the listing, please submit it here. SOCIALIGHT. The Concept Lumière Urbaine invites architects, landscape architects, and urban planners to re-imagine the future role of lighting in urban neighborhoods.  The foundation encourages participants to think beyond the practical use of lighting (security, traffic, and signaling) and consider the way that light can affect the emotions and experiences of the residents of a city. Registration Deadline: September 12, 2013 Submission Deadline: September 13, 2013 COMPREHENSIVE COASTAL COMMUNITIES. Operation Resilient Long Island is a student-led committee of architecture, interior design, and construction students from New York Institute of Technology that came together with the aim of responding to the damages caused by Hurricane Sandy. The committee has invited students to research a particular Northeastern community affected by the storm and submit their ideas for a prototype resilient housing typology that will fix the damages caused by the storm and simultaneously coincide with the context of the rest of the neighborhood block. Participants will not only gain public exposure for their designs, but their ideas will actually make a real difference. Ideas will be proposed to local municipalities and translated into real zoning solutions. Registration Deadline: June 30, 2013 Submission Deadline: July 25, 2013 FARM TO FORK STAND. The American Institute of Architects Vermont presents emerging architects and design professional with the task of designing a center for the rapidly growing local food system in a New England community. The center should facilitate local food distribution, promote local food business, and provide information on events, restaurants, and seasonal foods. The top three winners will receive monetary prizes of $1,000, $500, and $300 respectively and the top twenty finalists will gain public exposure in a traveling exhibition around Vermont and New England. Submission Deadline: June 1, 2013 FAR ROC: A RESILIENT ROCKAWAY. New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development along with AIA New York and others have initiated a two-phase design competition that calls for visionary ideas to develop Arverne East, an 80+ acre plot of land in the Rockaways, into a sustainable multi-use area. Four finalists will be provided a stipend of $30,000 to further refine their design strategies. The winner will be announced in advance of the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy and will receive an additional cash prize of $30,000. Submission Deadline: June 14, 2013 RIO DE JANEIRO SYMBOLIC WORLD CUP STRUCTURE. Utter the words "2014 FIFA World Cup" and you will pique the interest of any soccer fan around the world. This international competition to design a sculpture in Rio's Lapa Square during the event will undoubtedly do the same for architects, whether they're enthusiastic soccer fans or beginners in the sport. Entrants are asked to come up with an innovative idea for a free standing World Cup structure for the public space, judged according to demonstrated spirit for the games while incorporating functionality, structural details, and sustainable materials. Registration Deadline: June 30th, 2013 Submission Deadline: July 5th, 2013

Competition Asks Architects to Create Ideas for a More Resilient Waterfront

Hurricane Sandy not only caused considerable damage to the Rockaways, but it also exposed the vulnerability of New York City’s waterfront communities to future storms and changing weather patterns. Today, the American Institute of Architects New York, along with NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development, L+M Development Partners, Bluestone Organization, Triangle Equities, and Enterprise Community Partners, announced a new design competition for "resilient and sustainable development in the Rockaways." The group called on architects to come up with different strategies for how cities can build more thoughtfully in areas prone to flooding. Following the June 14th deadline for submissions, a jury will preside over the proposals. The jury will announce four finalists in July—each of which will receive a stipend of $30,000 to continue to hone their ideas. The winner will be revealed on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, and will be granted an additional $30,000 for their work. The Rockaways have been the focus of a number of competitions, including MoMA PS 1's EXPO 1: NEW YORK, that asked artists, designers, and architects to submit 3-minute videos that provide ideas for making the Rockaways more sustainable.

Toshiro Oki Architects Win 2013 Folly Competition at Socrates Sculpture Park

In just one short year the Folly competition, co-sponsored by the Architectural League of New York and Socrates Sculpture Park, has become vastly popular among members of the architecture and design community, receiving 40 percent more submissions than last year. This year a jury examined 150 innovative submissions but selected only one winning entry. The prize? The winner, with the help of a $5,000 grant, gets to see the proposed design come to life in the Socrates Sculpture Park. Toshiro Oki, Jen Wood, and Jared Diganci of Toshiro Oki Architects were selected as the winners of this year’s competition for their design called tree wood. Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City first established the competition in 2012, asking emerging architects and designers to submit their ideas for a “folly,” a traditional architectural structure or pavilion, typically found in 18th and 19th century gardens. At first glance the folly may seem fanciful, it’s existence nonsensical, but careful observation reveals that the structure was intentionally built and precisely positioned to frame a particular view. This decorative installation not only embellishes an outdoor space, but also shrewdly allows the occupant to enter into a dialogue with his natural surroundings. Toshiro Oki Architects' contemporary interpretation of the traditional architectural folly consists of a simple geometric wooden-framed structure placed in the midst of a verdant thicket of trees. The minimalist man-made structure, made completely of wooden beams held together by 2x4 nails, will be built around the trees and flourishing branches occupying the site, therefore coexisting with, but never disturbing nature. The most enchanting design element of tree wood is the elaborate chandelier that will elegantly dangle from the center of the structure and exist in harmony with the leaves around it. Passersby may occasionally hear the serene musical chiming of the chandelier as the wind softly whistles through the trees, lending a very poetic nature to the folly. In addition to a winner four finalists were selected as well: Pier by Keefe Butler, Elenchus by Julien Leyssene, Curtain Spolia by Georg Rafailidis & Stephanie Davidson, Guesthouse Belvédère by Marc Maurer and Nicole Maurer-Lemmens.

Kent State Picks Weiss/Manfredi to Design New Architecture School

Marking the end of a design competition for the new home of its College of Architecture & Environmental Design, Kent State University has chosen Weiss/Manfredi’s “Design Loft” over submissions from Bialosky & Partners of Cleveland with Architecture Research Office of New York; The Collaborative of Toledo with Miller Hull Partnership of Seattle; and Westlake Reed Leskosky of Cleveland. The college is moving from three separate buildings including Taylor Hall, where it has been for decades, and which served as a gathering spot for the 1970 Vietnam War protest that would end in four deaths. Kent State University has one of Ohio’s four architecture schools, and the site of its new home is intended to engage the greater community of Kent. During a public forum at KSU in January, Michael Manfredi called the design “a three-dimensional diorama,” connecting studio life to the outside at all times with continuous sightlines from one studio to the next. “The idea is that there really is no such thing as a circulation space, but always a place of interaction,” Marion Weiss said. The team said they were investigating adjustable shading controls for the stepped glass box design. Richard L. Bowen & Associates of Cleveland will be the architect of record.  

Competition Seeks Help Designing Chicago’s BRT Stations

As Chicago rolls out bus rapid transit routes, the benefits of BRT are often presented as a given. But the experiences of bus systems around the world prove design matters. It might bode well for the burgeoning BRT movement in Chicago, then, that the Chicago Architecture Foundation and Chicago Architectural Club have launched a bus rapid transit station design competition. Dubbed “NEXT STOP,” the station design contest will be the subject of the 2013 Burnham Prize Competition. Submit designs for three stations (downtown, near State and Madison; Bucktown-Logan Square at Western Avenue Blue Line ‘L’ Stop; Pilsen near 18th and Ashland) by noon May 13.