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See this majestic aerial drone footage of Jordan's breathtaking canyons, ruins, and architectural history

Travel and lifestyle brand Matador Network released breathtaking footage of an aerial fly-over by drone, offering a soaring bird’s-eye-view of Jordan’s architectural marvels. The drones freewheel between the canyons, whose goosebump-raising majesty dwarfs the buildings carved right into the sandstone cliffs. The Monastery in the lost city of Petra, one of Seven Wonders of the World, makes an appearance, the structure itself so gargantuan that the doorway alone is seven stories high. Shot by Scott Sporleder and Ross Borden with the latest high-tech DJI Inspire and DJI Phantom 2 drones, as well as a GoPro Hero 4, the footage then transports you to the Roman Colosseum–like South Theater in the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa, now known as Jerash, last inhabited 5,000 years ago. The inhabited cities of Jordan also appear as ruins from afar, their facades of a similar sandstone ilk to the ruins lost to the Western world after Christ.
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Bjarke Ingels joins Foster and Gehry for Battersea Power Station redevelopment

Bjarke Ingels is slated to join elder architectural statesmen Norman Foster and Frank Gehry at the Battersea Power Station in London. The multi-billion dollar, mixed-use redevelopment was originally master planned by, yes, another starchitect, Rafael Viñoly. Ingels' firm, BIG, joins the bunch after winning a competition to design a public space for the project called Malaysia Square. Why is it called Malaysia Square? Because, lest the Brits forget, the project is backed by a Malaysian development consortium. BIG's plan for Malaysia Square goes beyond the name; it takes its form and design from the caves of the country's Gunung Mulu National Park. The Battersea developers describe the space as a “two-level urban canyon.” To that end, Malaysia Square is clad in limestone, granite, marble, sandstone, gravel, and has dolomite striation. The square's natural materials are sculpted into a dramatic design, but don't necessarily make for the most comfortable place to stretch out. Before unveiling Malaysia Square, London Mayor Boris Johnson addressed criticism that the Battersea Power Station development has too few affordable units and will just be another investment opportunity for wealthy foreigners. (15 percent of the plan is currently "affordable.) “I think 600 affordable homes are better than no affordable homes," Johnson told the Guardian. "If you didn’t do a deal of this kind you couldn’t get either the transport or the affordable homes so that’s the reality." The mayor also said that the development comes with two new Tube stations and the first extension of the system in a quarter century [h/t Dezeen]