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Postmodernist Dan Friedman helped change how the world viewed graphic design

The Chicago Design Museum’s current exhibition brings the ’80s and early ’90s back through the work of postmodernist graphic and furniture designer Dan Friedman. The show, Dan Friedman: Radical Modernist, was originally curated by the artist himself prior to his death in 1995. Continuing his brother’s legacy, Ken Friedman leads the exhibition with curatorial assistance from Chris and Esther Pullman, Mara Holt Skov, and Steven Skov Holt. Friedman, who posthumously won the 2015 AIGA Medal, was instrumental in shifting the world’s perspective of graphic design from a mostly commercial endeavor to a visual art form. The show includes a wide range of his work, from furniture and experimental sculptural installations to found art and his signature new wave typography. Coining the term “radical modernism,” Friedman helped define an era and style that included contemporaries like Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Jeff Koons. This very personal exhibition looks back into a time that can only be described as radical.

Dan Friedman: Radical Modernism Chicago Design Museum 108 North State Street 3rd Floor Chicago Through August 12

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Architects discuss the power (and limits) of architecture at new Chicago Design Museum exhibit

A new show at the Chicago Design Museum (ChiDM) questions the role of architecture through interviews and conversations. Displayed through text, audio recordings, images, and projections, City of Ideas: Architects’ Voices and Visions includes interviews with architects from around the world, from Jeanne Gang to Kengo Kuma. The show particularly asks questions such as, “Can architecture and design solve social and environmental problems? Where and how does the value of individual expression and vision meet the need for collaboration and teamwork?” Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to join the conversation through a series of events and talks. A stage at the center of the show’s space will be used for presentations and performances by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, the Poetry Foundation, along with other Chicago-area partners. "Chicago is home to a number of very original voices in architecture... I hope City of Ideas will contribute to the overall professional discourse and spark new interpretations and visions for what architecture could be,” said Belogolovsky in a press release. “One of the featured voices gathered here from all over the world is Jeanne Gang, a local force behind reinventing our preconceptions about the discipline. I am going to Chicago with an open mind and I look forward to learning about what visitors will make of this provocation." Before coming to Chicago City of Ideas: Architects’ Voices and Visions was on show at the Tin Sheds Gallery at the University of Sydney, Australia. Each iteration of the show will present ever changing content, displayed in new ways through collaborations with local artists and designers. City of Ideas: Architects’ Voices and Visions, curated by architect and writer Vladimir Belogolovsky, will be on show through February 25, 2017. The Chicago Design Museum is located on the third floor of Block Thirty Seven, 108 N. State St. in downtown Chicago. Founded in 2012, the museum was envisioned as a space to bring together Chicago’s large design and architecture community. Until it opened, Chicago lacked any permanent institution to specifically exhibit contemporary design.
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Eavesdrop> Debbie Posthumously Does the Chicago Design Museum

  The Chicago Design Museum held its most recent opening for Deborah Sussman Loves Los Angeles! on November 12, 2014. The show, which runs through February 28, further cements this museum startup by Tanner Woodford into the Chicago cultural fold.   Yeah, it’s in a mostly dead mall (Block 37), but this exhibit is museum quality and perfect for exploring over one’s lunch break. I just wish more local design movers and shakers had been there for the preview party (ahem—Zoe Ryan or Sarah Herda, although maybe both were busy with their respective biennials: Istanbul and Chicago).
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Eavesdrop> Block Party: Chicago Design Museum Finds New Home in Downtown Chicago Mall

block-thirty-seven-chicago Just last month Eaves dropped in on the Chicago Design Museum for the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, which sought funding for the institution’s first summer exhibition in a new permanent space. Well, that space has been revealed, and it’s every Chicagoan’s favorite downtown boondoggle. No, not the Spire. Or the Post Office. Never mind—it’s Block Thirty Seven! That’s right, it turns out the largely vacant downtown mall has 5,000 square feet free for ChiDM (and probably a lot more). A good chance to remind yourself that the building’s still there, looming above the Red Line-Blue Line transfer.
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Welcome Home, Chicago Design Museum!

The Chicago Design Museum, our resident pop-up pantheon of graphic aesthetics, is looking for your help to mount the first exhibition in its new permanent home. They’re planning a centennial show for the American Institute of Graphic Arts (hey, AIGA’s as old as Wrigley!), and they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to get it funded (and time is really running out!). Eavesdrop’s been known to drop in on ChiDM’s shows since its inception, so we could be persuaded to part with some cash.
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On View> 'CHGO DSGN' probes the past and present of Chicago Design

It looks like design history is in the air here in Chicago. The Chicago Design Museum is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to launch an exhibition looking back at 100 years of graphic arts. Chicagoisms just opened at The Art Institute—a meditation on Chicago’s architectural history and mythology that builds off a previous exhibition of unbuilt work reviewed here. Now another exhibit glances at Chicago's design history to better assess its present and future. Chicago’s design history will be on the menu at a new exhibition, CHGO DSGN: Recent Object and Graphic Design, which opens at the Chicago Cultural Center on May 30, from 6:00–10:00p.m. The exhibition runs through November 2, 2014. “Chicago has long been regarded as an international center for design, and this retrospective celebrates the region’s creative and innovative spirit,” reads a press release for the show. Curator Rick Valicenti, who won Cooper Hewitt’s 2011 National Design Award for Communications Design, and display designer Tim Parsons said in a statement that they want to celebrate Chicago’s design history, from early print developments through international modernism, and probe its future with more than 200 works that range from functional objects to theoretical proposals. Among the pieces on display will be Ania Jaworska's 8-foot-tall architectural model, Monument for Them, and an 80-foot print by Chicago photographer Sandro that includes 115 of the exhibitors—an homage to Richard Avedon's famous portrait of the Chicago Seven.