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Eavesdrop> Broken Dreams? Bill Clinton admits he really wants to be an architect

At the 2015 AIA convention in May, former President Bill Clinton gave a keynote address to the unwashed masses. He praised collaboration among designers and other stakeholders, and even admitted that “If I had another life to live, I’d be an architect, especially in this age of climate change.” He is not the only president to speak of a childhood dream of designing buildings. President Obama said in a 2008 campaign speech that he also had aspirations to be an architect as a youngin’. We’re just glad these heads of states didn’t opt for fireman.
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Eavesdrop> Bubba on Impact: Bill Clinton to headline this year's AIA convention

The American Institute of Architects has announced the keynote speaker of its 2015 national convention. William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States. The theme of this year’s convention is Impact… Stop chuckling. No? You won’t? Well, fine then. Your mind can stay in the gutter with its silly cigar references about Cuban missile crises and not inhaling. Eavesdrop has loftier things to contemplate, such as Bubba’s 1998 Pritzker Prize ceremony speech honoring Renzo Piano: “The country and the world needs its builders. Those with imagination and hope and heart who understand that with all the differences that exist in the world, our common humanity and our common relationship to the eternal and to our earthly home is far, far more important.” Roll that up and smoke it!