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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Exhibition Design

2018 Best of Design Award for Infrastructure: Arakawa and Madeline Gins: Eternal Gradient Designers: Norman Kelley Location: New York
For Carrie Norman and Thomas Kelley, exhibition designers are also preservationists, able to shape how the work of architects and designers should be seen and remembered. The firm designed the Arakawa and Madeline Gins: Eternal Gradient exhibition at Columbia University’s Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery by constructing points and counterpoints of obstructed and enabled views. They took inspiration from the duo’s sketches when developing a series of matte-gray-vinyl and black-steel-mesh structures that doubled as private viewing rooms for closer observation. These four structures featured cut-out windows, framing direct views of works hung on adjacent walls. This interplay established different dialogues between the pieces on view. In this way, the exhibition challenged visitors to consider the permanence of an image.
Honorable Mentions  Project Name:  Living in America: Frank Lloyd Wright, Harlem, and Modern Housing Designers:  Leong Leong and Project Projects Location: New York Project Name:  Visionaire: AMAZE Designer:  Rafael de Cárdenas / Architecture at Large and Sahra Motalebi Location: New York
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Infrastructure

2018 Best of Design Award for Infrastructure: Confluence Park Designers: Lake|Flato Architects and Matsys Location: San Antonio
Conceived by Lake|Flato Architects in collaboration with Matsys, Confluence Park is a living learning laboratory located near where the San Antonio River and San Pedro Creek meet. The site was designed for people to gain a greater understanding of South Texas ecotypes and the impact of urban development on its watershed. This idea of confluence carries through the project’s underlying goal of combining water, ecology, and culture. The 30-foot-tall concrete pavilion’s plant-inspired geometric structure interlocks as an open-air canopy. Providing cover from the South Texas sun, the petal form components help funnel rainwater into an integrated collection, filtration, and dispersal system that irrigates the surrounding landscape. Honorable Mentions  Project Name:  Rainbow Bridge Designer:  SPF:architects Location: Long Beach, California Project Name:  Los Angeles Union Station Metro Bike Hub Designer:  Architectural Resources Group Location: Los Angeles
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Unbuilt — Public

2018 Best of Design Awards winner for Unbuilt – Public: The American Construct Designer: Christopher Myefski Location: American West The American West has long captivated our collective imagination as a landscape of exploration and promise. Its vastness allows for vague scales, distended time, and clandestine programs. This isolated landscape is also home to the nation’s military arsenal, testing labs, and disposal sites. A road trip is its inevitable measure. Conceived by Myefski Architects, the American Construct project proposes a series of rest stops, situated between federal parkland and military territories, that conflate the scenic with the scene. Like the nationalistic constructions of early U.S. highway routes, these waypoints inscribe the sublime with experiential infrastructure, overlooks, and marginal territories. Power and pleasure occupy the same ground. Evidence and the evident conspire to remind and ultimately rearrange the construction of “America.” Honorable Mentions Project name: Urban Canopy Designer: Buro Koray Duman Location: New York Project name: Anacostia Water Tower Designer: Höweler + Yoon Architecture Location: Washington, D.C.
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Representation — Analog

2018 Best of Design Awards winner for Representation – Analog: Public Sediment for Alameda Creek Designer: SCAPE Location: California: Fremont, Newark, and Union City Public Sediment for Alameda Creek is a proposal to address the challenge of sediment scarcity along the vulnerable urban periphery of San Francisco Bay. The initiative aims to redesign the Alameda Creek waterbody and to create a functional system that can sustainably transport sediment and provide a habitat for fish. A physical stream table model was developed to represent a leveed channel condition and to facilitate experiments with planted creek structures. Photogrammetry software helped determine the initial results of the study, informing the design of a stable multistage channel for sediment and fish passage. A 3-dimensional site model and renderings were also created as a way to inspire community engagement. Honorable Mention Project name: Adidas P.O.D. Plexus Designer: Standard Honorable Mention Project name: Set the Objective Designer: SAW // Spiegel Aihara Workshop
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Urban Design

2018 Best of Design Award for Urban Design: Triboro Corridor Designers: Only If and One Architecture & Urbanism Location: New York: Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx Conceived by Only If and One Architecture & Urbanism for the Regional Plan Association, the Triboro Corridor project is a proposal for a new passenger train service connecting the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. Making use of existing freight and intercity rail lines, the transportation link would shift New York City’s centralized, hub-and-spoke transit system to one with more resilient connectivity between outer boroughs. The Triboro Corridor would also establish concrete links and new spatial relationships among diverse communities, peoples, and job opportunities. While some stations would feature simple platforms, the more complex ones would act as catalysts for the rapid transformation of local communities and bolster the economic, education, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. Using adjacent spaces, the Triboro Corridor could also serve as a 24-mile-long linear greenway and bicycle superhighway. Honorable Mentions  Project Name: Los Angeles River Gateway Designer: AECOM Location: Los Angeles Project Name: North Branch Framework Plan for the Chicago River Designer: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture Location: Chicago
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Representation — Digital

2018 Best of Design Awards winner for Representation – Digital: Fake Earths: A Planetary Theater Play Designer: NEMESTUDIO Fake Earths: A Planetary Theater Play speculates on how climate change could be the cultural and political catalyst for a renewed architectural environment during the post-Anthropocene era. In this projected future, the concept of “nature” is obsolete. Modeled like a theater play in multiple acts, the project considers five specific sites on Earth, whose perceived image and actual function are different. For instance, Potemkin Village—an infamous e-waste dump site in Africa—reads as a city from above but mischievously hides the reality of its architectural content within. Other imagined scenes include Asteroid Mining Clearing sites, Pacific Ocean Trash Mountains, the Spoil Tips Grand Tour, and the Wonder Zoo. Honorable Mention Project name: Cosmorama Designer: DESIGN EARTH
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Unbuilt — Green Building

2018 Best of Design Awards winner for Unbuilt – Green Building: 6 Industrial Way Office Park Designer: Touloukian Touloukian Location: Salem, New Hampshire The 6 Industrial Way Office Park is a three-story, mixed-use building that will be constructed on a 16-acre site in Salem, New Hampshire. Designed by Touloukian Touloukian, the project reverses the conventional, inwardly focused commercial model by implementing a flexible layout and an indoor/outdoor program that advances human health and wellness. Lumber cut from the site is harvested and brought to local sawmills to create structural CLT panels that lower the project’s carbon footprint. Wooden structural bays provide tenants with an open floor plan that includes large, uninterrupted views of the outdoors. Tenants can come together at a ground-level cafeteria that faces a large lawn space with outdoor seating. Honorable Mention Project name: Cooling Tower for Chicago Spire site Designer: Greyscale Architecture Location: Chicago
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Public Space

2018 Best of Design Award for Public: Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Designer: Marble Fairbanks Location: New York As a division of the New York Public Library, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture is one of the world’s leading research facilities that focuses exclusively on the history and culture of people of African descent. Marble Fairbanks’s project covered the center’s three interconnected buildings, the Schomburg Building, the Langston Hughes Building, and the Landmark Building. Restoration work on the Landmark Building—originally designed by McKim, Mead & White—was joined by a new addition to the Schomburg Building, which houses a gift shop and a conference room. Extensive interior renovations were made to research divisions, reading rooms, archival storage units, and new gallery spaces. The design enhances how the center interfaces with the Harlem community and the greater public by displaying portions of its vast collection on street-facing screens. Features of this design include LED display systems, interactive information panels, and a new streetscape. Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates Mep Engineer: Plus Group Consulting Engineering Civil Engineer: Leonard J. Strandberg and Associates Lighting Design: Richard Shaver Architectural Lighting Historic Preservation: Li/Saltzman Architects Landscape Architect: SCAPE   Honorable Mentions  Project Name: Banc of California Stadium Designer: Gensler Location: Los Angeles Project Name: River’s Edge Pavilion Designer: Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture Location: Council Bluffs, Iowa
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Healthcare

2018 Best of Design Award for Education: Phoenix Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building, University of Arizona Designers: CO Architects Location: Phoenix

The Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building at the University of Arizona was designed by CO Architects to draw on an urban desert vernacular style. Inspired by the deep recesses of desert cliff dwellings, the building’s south-facing facade slopes and shifts as it rises ten stories above the vegetated canyon wash. Sectional carvings in the building’s mass create self-shaded conditions and mitigate solar exposure. Incisions are employed along an east–west orientation to provide indirect daylight while planometric undulations along the north and south facing elevations create overhangs. The building is dedicated to collaborative clinical and translational research, and the ground floor houses public spaces and provides access to an inner courtyard.

Honorable Mention Project Name: Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center Designers: Fong & Chan Architects Location: San Francisco
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Landscape — Public

2018 Best of Design Award for Landscape – Public: Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park Designer: SWA/BALSLEY and WEISS/MANFREDI with Arup Location: Queens, New York

SWA/BALSLEY and WEISS/MANFREDI transformed 30 acres of postindustrial waterfront into the new Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park. Set along the East River in Long Island City, the recently opened public space represents a new urban ecological paradigm and a model for coastal resilience. With a soft approach to protect against floodwaters, the firm created newly established wetlands to replace existing concrete bulkheads. The design leverages the site’s dramatic topography with a grassy promontory. A new island can be reached by a pedestrian bridge while a 30-foot cantilevered overlook provides panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline. Adjacent to a residential development of affordable units, the park will become the center of an emerging community.

Honorable Mentions Project Name: Naval Cemetery Memorial Landscape Designer: Marvel Architects and NBWLA Location: Brooklyn, New York Project Name: Ghost Cabin Designers: SHED Architecture & Design Location: Seattle
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Presenting the 2018 Best of Design Awards winner for Building of the Year

  2018 Best of Design Award for Building of the Year: Transart Foundation Designer: SCHAUM/SHIEH Location: Houston The Transart Foundation by SCHAUM/SHIEH was developed for a Houston-based artist/curator working at the intersection of art and anthropology. The project consists of two buildings: a repurposed 1,200-square-foot private art studio and a new, 3,000-square-foot primary building for visitors that holds exhibitions, performances, and salon-style dinners. The second and third floors of the new construction include an office, a conference room, a cavelike nook, and a roof terrace. The facade is clad in smooth white stucco panels, creating a tectonic language that allows gaps and seams to manifest as swooping window frames. The structure incorporates thick timber beams in a manner akin to a Dutch barn, carved so that the front corners join precisely in front. “I am especially impressed by SCHAUM/SHIEH’s ability to generate complex spatial effects from what are essentially graphic motives—an ambition that would literally fall flat in lesser hands.” Jesse Reiser, Principal, Reiser + Umemoto Structural Engineer: Zia Engineering and Environmental Consultants Contractor: Welch Construction Lighting Designer:  Lighting Associates Custom Nook Fabricator:  Jeff Jennings and Steve Croatt Custom Steel Windows:  Cedar Mill Co.   Finalist Project Name: Daniels Building Designer: NADAAA Location: Toronto “This is a great example of how old and new can be seamlessly integrated. The addition improves on the experiential quality of the historic structure and makes it one of the most sustainable buildings on campus.” Pratik Raval, Associate Director, Transsolar Finalist Project Name: Saxum Vineyard Equipment Bard Designer: Clayton + Little Location: Paso Robles, California “The project is an attentive and delicate reinvention of the agricultural shed as a responsive, performative infrastructure for the nearby vineyard.” Tei Carpenter, Founder, Agency—Agency
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Green Building

2018 Best of Design Award for Green Building: Orchid Educational Pavilion Designer: FGP Atelier Location: Oaxaca, Mexico The Orchid Educational Pavilion sits in the Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca, Mexico. Designed by FGP Atelier, the glass structure is defined by its flexibility, usability, and performance in its exploration of ecology. An entirely self-sustaining ecosystem, the pavilion challenges visitors to consider how they might live in a more ecological manner. The pavilion, with a central staircase which collects rainfall and a geothermal system, has the optimal conditions for growing a diverse range of species while being minimally invasive to the surrounding biome. The structure is an interactive tool to educate future generations about the vast biodiversity of the region and to inspire the implementation of sustainable architecture. Honorable Mention Project Name: R.W. Kern Center Designer: Bruner/Cott Architects Location: Amherst, Massachusetts