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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Commercial — Hospitality

2018 Best of Design Award for Commercial — Hospitality: Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn Designer: Clayton & Little Location: Paso Robles, California Located in West Paso Robles, California, this unassuming agricultural storage facility was constructed using salvaged oil drill stem pipes, WT steel, Douglas Fir plywood, and perforated metal screen panels. Sliding barn doors are clad in a tube steel frame forged from remnants of the winery’s shoring wall. The pole barn sits sentry as the first structure near the entry of the 50-acre James Berry Vineyard. The building’s renewable energy system speaks to the winery’s commitment to sustainability. Its prime objectives are to provide an armature for a photovoltaic roof system—offsetting more than 100 percent of the adjacent winery’s power demands—and to provide covered storage for farming equipment. Mounted on the pole barn, a future rainwater harvesting system will collect just under 30,000 gallons annually. Honorable Mention Project Name: Brightline Designer: Rockwell Group Location: Florida: Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Commercial — Retail

2018 Best of Design Award for Commercial — Retail: FLEX Designer: LEVER Architecture Location: Portland, Oregon
FLEX is a 19,000-square-foot building that can be adapted for various commercial uses. LEVER Architecture developed the design based on an industrial typology that incorporates mass timber structural elements, a distinctive angular frame, and interior mezzanines. The large, 200-by-95-foot open floor plate is divisible into eight 24-foot structural bays, allowing the building to be partitioned for diverse tenants—from a restaurant to small maker spaces. An 80-foot-long triangular clerestory, skylights, and glass garage-style doors bring in daylight. Within a tight budget, the building is constructed in an affordable material palette of plywood, sheet metal, glulam columns and beams, glass, and concrete, with many components available off the shelf or prefabricated off-site.
Honorable Mention  Project Name: COS Chicago Oak Street Designer: COS in-house architectural team Location: Chicago
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Unbuilt - Education

2018 Best of Design Awards for Unbuilt – Education: Arizona State University Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 7 Designer: Studio Ma Location: Tempe, Arizona The Arizona State University Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 7 (ISTB-7) by Studio Ma will be an interdisciplinary science and research complex that incorporates a new generation of sustainable design solutions, as well as climate-responsive, regenerative technologies. ISTB-7 is a next-generation, triple net-zero facility, envisioned as a prototype for a stand-alone, closed loop infrastructure that ultimately produces and collects more energy and water than it uses. The cross-laminated timber frame building anchors a new research precinct on the Gateway Edge of ASU’s Tempe Campus. Wastewater and air is recycled through a central biome located within the facility’s massive daylit atrium. Set for completion in 2020, the 258,000-square-foot building will support advanced research in sustainability and robotics to help solve the emerging energy, water, and food crises. Honorable Mentions Project name: Bedford Stuyvesant Community Innovation Campus Designer: Ten to One Location: Brooklyn, New York Project name: 80 Flatbush Public Schools Designer: Architecture Research Office Location: Brooklyn, New York
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Unbuilt - Cultural

2018 Best of Design Awards for Unbuilt – Cultural: Beggar’s Wharf Arts Complex Designer: Ten to One Location: Rockland, Maine The Beggar’s Wharf Arts Complex is at the heart of a redevelopment design vision commissioned by Rockland City Planning to revitalize the coastal Maine town’s brownfield waterfront district. Ten to One conceived of a mixed-use program that incorporates a museum, studios, educational facilities, live-work housing, commercial spaces, and a marina. At the core of the proposal, a main museum structure is set to seamlessly blend into the streetscape outside. This main building will be clad in a mushroom-shaped skin composed of cedar wood fins. A series of flexible galleries will unfurl upward through a public procession of theaters, terraces, cafes, and markets. The historic Bicknell Factory Building will be reclaimed as a continuation of the museum and house additional exhibition and event spaces. Honorable Mention Project name: NXTHVN Designer: Deborah Berke Partners Location: New Haven, Connecticut
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Commercial — Office

2018 Best of Design Award for Commercial — Office: NVIDIA Headquarters Designer: Gensler Location: Santa Clara, California It’s no secret that innovation drives the technology industry. What is perhaps overlooked is how much the serendipitous collision of unlikely ideas, forged through collaboration, also plays an important role. The difficulty comes when companies grow and their employees are divided into siloed working quarters. In the brief for a new, 250,000-square-foot headquarters, the CEO of software giant NVIDIA asked: “How can we get 2,500 people to collaborate?” Gensler responded by designing a self-contained, mono-functional building that was inspired by how people move around. The building’s angular roof creates large, vaulted public areas, but also private spaces for concentration. Over-size platforms replace the need for staircases, acting as vertical connectors that can facilitate impromptu interactions. Honorable Mention Project Name: C3 Designer: Gensler Dichroic Glass Art Facade: Designed by Refik Anadol Studio. Fabricated by Arktura Location: Culver City, California
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Cultural Space

2018 Best of Design Award for Cultural: Transart Foundation Designer: SCHAUM/SHIEH Location: Houston
The Transart Foundation by SCHAUM/SHIEH was developed for a Houston-based artist/curator working at the intersection of art and anthropology. The project consists of two buildings: a repurposed 1,200-square- foot private art studio and a new, 3,000-square-foot primary building for visitors that holds exhibitions, performances, and salon-style dinners. The second and third floors of the new construction include an office, a conference room, a cavelike nook, and a roof terrace. The facade is clad in smooth white stucco panels, creating a tectonic language that allows gaps and seams to manifest as swooping window frames. The structure incorporates thick timber beams in a manner akin to a Dutch barn, carved so that the front corners join precisely in front.
Honorable Mentions  Project Name: Magazzino Italian Art Designer: MQ Architecture Location: Cold Spring, New York Project Name: The ICA Watershed Designer: Anmahian Winton Architects Location: Boston
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Unbuilt - Commercial and Mixed Use

2018 Best of Design Award winner for Unbuilt – Commercial and Mixed Use: Uber Sky Tower Designer: Pickard Chilton Location: Los Angeles Pickard Chilton developed the Sky Tower prototype based on Uber’s vision for Elevate, an aerial ride-sharing network. The speculative megacapacity hub opts to dock aircraft on modular, moving platforms. A precise sequence allows crafts to land, recharge, board, and position for takeoff within five minutes. A sophisticated louver system, vegetation, and photovoltaics shield the interiors from the sun while capturing solar energy. Wind turbines and energy recovery systems supply the charging stations. The ground level transit hub offers connections to commuter trains, buses, bikes, and cabs. The autonomous flying shuttles would cruise 1,000 to 2,000 feet above city streets, reaching speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. Passengers would board at set pick-up and drop-off locations, rather than hailing the vehicles like taxis. Honorable Mention Project name: Nansha Scholar’s Tower Designers: Synthesis Design + Architecture and SCUT Architectural Design & Research Institute Location: Nansha, China
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Unbuilt - Interior

2018 Best of Design Awards for Unbuilt – Interior: Children’s Institute Designer: DSH // architecture Location: Long Beach, California The design of the new, 20,000-square-foot Children’s Institute, a regional social services center, promotes intricacy and specificity. DSH // architecture designed the office space by avoiding a clichéd open-plan model; instead, the firm developed a concept that incorporates clustered team workspaces, smaller areas for focused meetings, gathering spaces located for chance encounters, and decompression zones for quiet meditation. The layout was based on an analysis of mobility patterns, team structures, and the differing needs of distinct clientele. As a new hub for this nonprofit organization, the work environment inspires the innovative thinking and creative solutions needed for its mission: genuine and effective interventions for some of society’s most intransigent problems. Honorable Mention Project name: Holdroom of the Future Designer: Corgan Location: N/A
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Small Spaces

2018 Best of Design Award for Small Spaces: Sol Coffee Mobile Espresso Bar Designer: Hyperlocal Workshop Location: Longmont, Colorado Designed by Hyperlocal Workshop, Sol Coffee’s Mobile Espresso Bar is a fully solar-powered espresso bar built on the frame of a 1979 Toyota Dolphin. Providing a full-service cafe experience, the design utilizes a hybrid lever-pull espresso machine. The truck offers a quiet atmosphere for coffee patrons to enjoy a cup in almost any location. Its massing evokes the Rocky Mountains—where the truck is located—and features a significant angled roof area for a 1.4kW solar array. The skin is composed of lightweight polycarbonate panels that reflect incoming sunlight from the interior and exterior. Additionally, the rear opens to host guests while a lowered main floor allows the barista to be in direct contact with his or her patrons. Honorable Mentions  Project Name: Cabin on a Rock Designer: I-Kanda Architects Location: White Mountains region, New Hampshire Project Name: Birdhut Designer: Studio North Location: Windermere, British Columbia
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Facades

2018 Best of Design Award for Facades: Amazon Spheres Designer: NBBJ Location: Seattle Designed by NBBJ in cooperation with Vitro Architectural Glass, the Amazon Spheres are the crown jewel of Amazon’s $4 billion urban campus in downtown Seattle. Composed of three interconnected geodesic domes, the project covers 70,000 square feet of meeting, relaxation, and collaborative space. The Amazon Spheres also house 40,000 exotic and endangered plants and trees from around the world, including Australian tree ferns, African aloe trees, mosses, flowers, and succulents. Glazed in Vitro’s Low-E Solarban Solar Control 60 Low-E coating, the tallest of the metal-framed spheres accommodates five stories of workspace. The two other temperature-controlled domes contain rivers, waterfalls, and tropical gardens. In total, the project incorporates 620 tons of steel and 2,643 Vitro Starphire low-iron glass panels. Honorable Mentions  Project Name: The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Center at Cornell Tech Designer: Morphosis Location: New York Project Name: Museum Garage Designers: WORKac, J. Mayer H., Nicolas Buffe, Clavel Arquitectos, and K/R Location: Miami
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Unbuilt - Urban

2018 Best of Design Award winner for Unbuilt – Urban: Whitmore Community Food Hub Complex Designer: University of Arkansas Community Design Center Location: Wahiawa, Hawaii More than 93 percent of Hawaii’s food is imported. Such a fact is alarming considering that Hawaii is the most remote inhabited land mass on Earth. Local grocers have a five-day turnaround period of food sourced from global supply chains. The proposed Whitmore Community Food Hub Complex project by the University of Arkansas Community Design Center will not be a typical farmer’s market. The 34-acre complex, made from tilt-wall concrete construction, will serve the island of Oahu by introducing the agricultural infrastructure necessary for community-based food production. Integrated logistical areas will be accompanied by public spaces for the surrounding neighborhoods and for visiting tourists. The site will feature a direct link to downtown Wahiawa. Honorable Mention Project name: The Hydroelectric Canal Designer: Paul Lukez Architecture Location: Boston Honorable Mention Project name: Brooklyn Navy Yard Master Plan Designer: WXY Location: Brooklyn, New York
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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Unbuilt - Residential

2018 Best of Design Award for Unbuilt – Residential: Brooklyn Senior Affordable Housing Designer: Only If Location: Brooklyn, New York Located on a former industrial site, the Brooklyn Senior Affordable Housing complex designed by Only If consists of 84 rental apartments and community facilities. The building, configured into several block-like volumes, rests on two wide columns and a circular disk, which contains all of the circulation and services. The middle volume of the building frames a central communal space for its elderly and formerly homeless residents. This double-height loggia is carved out of the building to become a stage elevated above the city. The public living room will serve as a flexible space where residents can gather, linger, interact, and build a sense of community. Various features will be introduced to support the health of the building’s residents, including outdoor exercise equipment and a roof garden. A secondary circulation route—composed of an open and relaxed stair system—will be an active alternative to elevators. Honorable Mention Project name: 150 Central Park South penthouse Designer: SPAN Architecture Location: New York Honorable Mention Project name: Courtyard House Architect: Inaba Williams Location: Santa Monica, California