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High tech tuchus: 6 smart toilets

AN saw the newest innovations in the toilet sector this past January at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show and the Consumer Electronics Show. As we look forward to the International Bathroom Exhibit and Eurocucina (technology for the kitchen) at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in April, we want to share our favorite toilet designs thus far. From designer spin-offs to the newest, most luxurious features, this latest round up of toilets is top-notch. NEOREST NX TOTO NEOREST made its big debut at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show and impressed attendees with its polite, integrated self-cleansing system that works with warm aerated water. It accommodates users with auto open-close and flush, warm air dryer, heated seat, and a deodorizer.   Tuma by Christoph Behling Geberit Italia Christoph Behling is famous for his Tag Heuer watch designs. That being said, he exercised the same attention to detail in the most important object in every home: le toilet. Tuma is equipped with hygiene water function, seat heating and drying, and an anti-odor filter.
  Numi Kohler Just say the word. Numi can be controlled through voice commands, motion control, or an app. Features include a heated seat warmer, an odor-eliminating charcoal filter, illuminated side panels that can be set to a different colors, and music that can be streamed though its built-in speakers. SpaLet AT200 LS DXV This bionic potty is outfitted with a carbon fiber air shield deodorizer and ionic technology—so the bathroom always smells so fresh 'n so clean. Beyond the odor control functions, there is a two-nozzle water spray system, an air dryer, hands-free flushing, and seat heating. Clean Bidet Seat American Standard Make any latrine hi-tech with a smart toilet seat. At the touch of a button on the remote control, adjust the spray strength and temperature of the two self-cleaning nozzles and turn on the seat heater. Sensowash Stark C by Philippe Stark Duravit French designer Philippe Stark is known mostly for his furniture and interiors, so most readers might not be privy to his darn good toilet design. The goal of this collaborative design effort was ultimate cleanliness. The result? A bidet function that has three different water shower variations: one for the rear, one for women, and a more attentive wash that sprays forward and backward.
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American Standard makes a splash with 3D-printed sculptural faucets as the brand turns 150

American Standard has debuted a series of high-end 3D-printed faucets evoking sculptural artwork. Formed by selective laser sintering, each design presents a creative play on the way water cascades from it. While faucets have long been prototyped using 3D deposition modeling, the plumbing and building product manufacturer claims that this series of luxury faucets is the first ready-for-market faucet wrought using powerful lasers. In a process lasting 24 hours, a computer-guided laser beam fuses powdered metal into the shape of a faucet under intense heat and pressure conditions. A solid metal block then arises from the powder, and this solid item is then hand-finished and polished to reveal and bevel the design. The series’ most out-there design is an angular, high-strength alloy faucet made with 19 tiny, concealed waterways that converge at the top to conjure the sensation of a stream flowing over rocks while creating the impression of the water magically appearing. “The team used Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) technology to adjust each of the 19 waterways to achieve the proper effect,” the brand claimed in a statement. Another design features a mesh of delicate latticework, while a third has waterways separated into thin sections for a more traditional appearance. American Standard, now celebrating 15 decades in the business, directed a panel of seven hand-selected designers and architects to develop designs reflecting today’s aesthetic and performance standards. If you’re the type who sees a faucet as more than just a plumbing fixture, be prepared to shell out $12,000 to $20,000.
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Product> Six Top-Performing Bath & Kitchen Products

The most successful kitchens and baths turn not only on appearance, but on functionality, as well. From well-engineered drawer glides and door lifts to water-saving showers and faucets, it pays to spec products with performance in mind. SE 3003 R SieMatic The front panels of this new kitchen line are framed in a slim, 6.5mm band of aluminum, uniting the variety of finishes and materials offered. Available with or without handles. Oceanside Wood-Mode Relying on tall pantry units and banks of drawers rather than hanging cabinets, this new kitchen system is ideal for open plan rooms, or where maintaining a view is important to the program. Aras Vanity Ryvyr Legs are optional for this wall-mounted console vanity, and a pre-cut back panel allows ample room for plumbing connections. In Black and Dove Grey finishes. Rem Widespread Faucet DXV by American Standard Featuring a quick-connect, 1.25-inch drain design, this 1.5 GPM fitting is ADA compliant. Available in two finishes. Elan Vital Watermark Part of a full line of plumbing fittings, this industrial-look faucet is completely customizable, from finish (39 are offered) to configuration. KWC AVA Wall-Mounted Faucet KWC The handle of this elegant bathroom faucet lifts and turns in a single movement, permitting precise control of the 1.5 GPM flow. Available in two finishes.