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Eavesdrop CA 06

PACKING UP CAMP Now that Donald Fisher’s CAMP project in San Francisco is officially dead, talk is swirling about where the Gap founder’s art collection will go. The whispers have focused on one obvious suspect: SFMOMA, which has already begun planning a 100,000-square-foot expansion that could get even bigger. One rumor has it that the museum is talking to the city about acquiring an adjoining fire station and building a new one elsewhere in return, in order to offer the Fishers their own digs. SFMOMA director Neal Benezra coyly parried questions with the comment: “We welcome the opportunity to partner with the Fishers to find a home for their collection as part of an expanded SFMOMA campus.” PEARLS BEFORE SCI-ARC Few talking heads can dent an architectural ego like critic, curator, and professor Jeff Kipnis, who moderated a chat at SCI-Arc on July 29 with Eric Owen Moss and Thom Mayne about Moss’ new installation at the school. Among Kipnis’ gems, he praised Moss’ garrulousness with the bon mot that he got paid by the hour for such events, and marveled at Moss and Mayne’s ability to argue with themselves—not among themselves, mind you, but each with his own self! Days later SCI-Arc hosted another panel, this time with Moss, Mayne, Hitoshi Abe, Peter Cook, Wolf Prix, and Peter Noever, among others. The event had the makings of a navel-gazing nightmare, but Eavesdrop promptly fell asleep and can’t recall a thing. Honest. RAISE HIGH THE WINDOW WALLS Everyone adores the Center for Architecture in New York, the storefront space run by the AIA New York chapter that draws more activity than any other such facility. Word has it that AIA Los Angeles is among those green with envy, which could mean a departure from its eighth-floor digs in Mid-Wilshire. The group is said to have hired a real estate consultant to scout locations nearer to Museum Mile. Will Wright, head of legislative affairs at AIA/LA, was semi-mum on the matter: “We have long-range plans to evaluate the opportunity to evolve into an Architecture Center.” Roger that, Will. Easy does it, we always say.
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AIA LA Presidential Awards: Be Like Mike

It's not exactly Hollywood style to give away the winners to an awards show three months before it's held. But that didn't stop the AIA/Los Angeles from announcing the winners of its Presidential Awards today. The event itself, which will also include the winners of the local Honor Awards (still a secret for now) will be held on October 21 at Hollywood's Egyptian Theater. The big winners were Michael Rotondi, who will take home the Gold Medal, and Daly Genik, who will be given the Firm Award.  Others included AN Advisory Board member and KCRW host Frances Anderton. Here's the complete list of Presidential winners: Gold Medal Michael Rotondi AIA/LA Firm Award Daly Genik Building Team of the Year LAPD Headquarters: AECOM Design; Roth + Sheppard Architects; Studio 0.10; John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects; City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering; Council District #9, City of Los Angeles; Los Angeles Police Department; Nabih Youssef Associates Structural Engineers; TMAD Taylor  Gaines; Meléndrez Landscape Architecture, Planning  Urban Design; Tutor-Saliba Corporation; S.J. Amoroso Construction Co., Inc.; Vanir Construction Management, Inc.; Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Inc.; and Merry Norris Contemporary Art. 25-Year Award (for a building that has stood the test of time) AC Martin Partners, Inc. - for St. Basil Roman Catholic Church Good Government Award Adolfo Nodal - President of the Cultural Affairs Commission Historic Preservation Award Ken Bernstein - Manager of the Office of Historic Resources, City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning Excellence in Education Award Sylvia Lavin, Professor - UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design Honorary AIA/Los Angeles Award Frances Anderton, Hon. AIA/LA - Host of DnA: Design  Architecture; and Producer: To the Point - KCRW; LA Editor - Dwell Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award William Krisel, AIA - William Krisel Architect Public Open Space Award Mia Lehrer + Associates - Vista Hermosa Park Project
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Convention Wars: Attack of the Clones

Thanks to some strategic re-scheduling, it appears that this weekend has become LA Design Conference-Palooza. It all started when AIA Los Angeles decided months ago to merge its Mobius conference with the popular Dwell On Design. Both shows will be held at the La Convention Center this weekend (June 25-28). All was well with the world.. But then came more recent news that design entrepeneur Charles Trotter had rescheduled his March design show, CA Boom, for the same weekend, at the former Robinsons Department Store in Beverly Hills! Well then all hell broke loose... The good spin: we have a new design weekend LA. The bad spin: attendees and vendors have been forced to choose sides, and both shows will suffer on account of the move (and Dwell employees are particularly peeved that CA Boom has roped in the Coolhaus ice cream truck, which was also set for the Dwell show). Regardless of what side of the debate you sit on, it certainly will be an entertaining weekend in LA. Some highlights: A screening of the new film Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman, as well as conversations with Williams Krisel, Yves Behar, and Peter Walker at Dwell on Design. An AN/SCI-Arc panel about architects getting involved with transportation design, featuring architect Eric Owen Moss, LA Planner Simon Pastucha, METRO art and design director Jorge Pardo, and Art Center College Mobility Director Geoff Wardle at Mobius.  And tours of Pierre Koenig's Case Study House #22 (the Stahl House) at CA Boom. Hold on to your seats, folks..

Eavesdrop: Conventions Go CABoom

As promised, here's Sara's inaugural Eavesdrop ALERT. Have at it. CA Boom, which grandly bills itself as “North America’s Only Multi-Discipline Non-traditional Design Show,” will be exhibiting for the sixth time over the last weekend in June at a larger venue this year in Beverly Hills. That very same weekend, Dwell Magazine will return to the Los Angeles Convention Center with its own heavily branded trade show, Dwell on Design, billed less grandly as “The West Coast’s Largest Modern Design Event.” An embarrassment of riches or a conundrum for vendors who can’t be in two places at the same time? We’re going with the latter. Dwell supporters are crying foul, insisting that they reserved the date first, and charging that CA Boom changed its schedule with malice aforethought to dilute Dwell on Design’s impact. Maybe. Probably. Still, it’s hard to score the competitors. Dwell has AIA/LA and The Los Angeles Times in its camp, while CA Boom has Met Home and Wired. We predict they’ll exhibit and party and award to a draw. And then mostly party.