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California Governor Mulling Bill Helping Architects Keep Control of Their Plans

AB 630, a bill that ensures that no one can use an architect's "instruments of service" (i.e. plans, drawings, schematics) without his or her written permission, recently passed the California legislature without a single no vote. The bill passed the Assembly 78-0 and the State Senate 37-0. But now architects are getting nervous, since governor Jerry Brown has not decided whether he will sign it. In recent years, architecture advocates point out, architects' rights to their intellectual property have been more egregiously abused, leading to skyrocketing legal fees. For instance, developers and homeowners have been selling their plans to third party buyers; some have been converting projects into condominiums without permission from the architect; and others have terminated contracts with architects after the receipt of construction permits to save money. "Consumers often mistake intellectual property as 'personal' property, because they have paid a fee for services," explained Ric Abramson, AIA/LA Board Secretary. "This bill is a game changer because it addresses and clarifies for the public at large the 'use' of the work and reaffirms the need for there to be a written document in place." You can ask the Governor to sign the bill here. Better hurry.
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This Weekend> Tech Refresher With AIACC

Feel like technology has left you behind? Check out the AIACC Now Next Future Conference this weekend. Not only does it feature a technology boot came, with hands-on technology training, but it features technology leaders like Kevin Daly from Daly Genik, Dennis Shelden, from Gehry Technologies, and Alisdair McGregor from Arup. Meanwhile topics will include BIM, new manufacturing technologies, Eco districts, and cloud technologies. Yes, you'll be much cooler after this is over.
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Honors> Ehrlich Receives California's Lifetime Achievement Award

The American Institute of Architects California Council (AIACC) has named Steven Ehrlich the 2011 Maybeck Award recipient for lifetime achievement in architecture. The award recognizes an architect’s body of work for outstanding design achievement extending over a career of 10 years or more. Named in honor of Bernard Maybeck, only 14 awards have been given since its inception in 1992.  Ehrlich joins Thom Mayne, Frank Gehry and Joseph Esherick, among others.  Before opening Ehrlich Architects in 1979, Ehrlich served as a Peace Corps architect in Morocco and then as a professor of architecture in Nigeria. During his six-years in Africa, he began to develop his approach of "Multicultural Modernism,"  a belief that architecture should respond to the specificities of site and local culture. Ehrlich’s work spans institutional, civic, and residential projects. Noted projects include the John M. Roll Federal Courthouse in Yuma, Arizona; a Residence Hall for Pomona College; the University of California Irvine New Media Arts Center; and numerous single family homes in California, Texas and Dubai. Earlier this year, the firm won the international architectural competition to design the United Arab Emirates Federal National Council’s  Parliament complex. In addition to the Maybeck Award, Ehrlich Architects was named 2003 Firm of the Year by the AIACC.