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Getting Ready For The Big One

It sounds like a summer blockbuster, but it's actually one of the most important symposia this year. Imminent Danger: Earthquake Disaster and Risk Reduction In U.S. Cities. It's being held on December 1 at UCLA, and features engineers, physicists, geologists, architects, and public officials getting together to discuss how to best prepare for the inevitable ground shaking disasters that will hit our cities in the near future. Thanks (unfortunately) to recent quakes in Haiti, Chile, and China, the group has a lot of new input to discuss. "Every time there's a large seismic event we learn more," said Gensler principal Rob Jernigan, who is one of the event participants. He adds that the conference is also a way forĀ  architects, engineers and other experts to come up with innovative earthquake-proof buildings that don't look like large bunkers: "We have to design for lateral movements without making giant, clumsy joints. We can develop a level of refinement," he said.
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Broad Fatigue.. Or not?

Now that downtown LA has tossed its hat into the ring to compete for Eli Broad's new contemporary art museum, we've finally reached Broad saturation. Broad has gotten the cities of Santa Monica, Culver City, and Beverly Hills to also compete for the museum, assuring that he gets the sweetest of sweetheart deals. Meanwhile, he basically controls most of the major public architecture and art in the city. There's now the Broad Stage in Santa Monica, the Broad Contemporary Art Museum in Miracle Mile, the Broad Art Center at UCLA, as well as MOCA (bailed out and greatly influenced by Broad), the LA High School For the Performing Arts (largely funded by Broad), Disney HallĀ  (pushed and funded by Broad), and the Grand Avenue Project (also largely supported by Broad). Phew. It's great to have a guiding hand and all, but GEEZ! Ok, we promise not to mention the name Broad again. Until at least tomorrow...