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University of Wyoming's new energy building brings geology to life with 3D visualization lab

In crafting a building whose main goal is to make the study of natural resources accessible, architects from HOK and GSG did just that: they brought the outside in. Its purpose is to study what’s buried beneath the earth’s surface, but the University of Wyoming’s Energy Innovation Center isn’t an underground bunker. At the $25.4 million center, 3D visualizations illuminate three walls of a research lab so students can plumb the earth’s subsurface for valuable minerals and fossil fuels. The three-story, 56,941-square-foot EIC contains 12,000 square feet of flexible research lab space. A massive supercomputing system runs the 3D visualization rooms, which include a 1,296-square foot drilling simulator. “Rather than viewing a 3-D screen, the center resembles a cavern with three vertical walls and a floor,” said UW’s School of Energy Resources Director Mark Northam, “that makes researchers feel as if they are physically immersed in the image.” GSG Architecture of Casper, Wyo. is the architect of record. The general contractor was GE Johnson Construction Co. of Jackson, Wyo.
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Josh Lewandowski’s Year of Pointless Architectural Diagrams

Josh Lewandowski, Minnesota-based architect and founder of furniture design firm Nordeast Industries, is on a mission to create beautifully complex, yet utterly meaningless architectural diagrams. He has started a blog where he will post one meaningless diagram each day for a year. On September 7th, he launched Pointless Diagrams, where he publishes his most eccentric sketches inspired by his own perceptions of architecture, furniture, engineering, Legos, cereal boxes, and more. The doodles portray a series of illusory architectural illustrations and imaginary structures open to interpretation by its viewers. Having always drawn abstract 3D sketches of things, Lewandowski chose to create this blog in order to convey how useful these meaningless doodles end up being. Lewandowski studied art and architecture at the University of Minnesota, and received his Masters of Architecture from Yale University. According to Dezeen, it was there that one of his professors told him, “erasing is for wimps.” Inspired by this philosophy, the illustrations on his blog are drawn on acid-free paper solely with pen and ink. The drawings consist of a series of diagrams, arrows, figures and shapes that seem to portray some sort of logical relationship between things, but that are, in reality, merely un-calculated and spontaneous. Until next september, his blog will continue to chronicle his year-long attempt to draw one new, meaningless diagram daily, "just 'cause."
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Oscar Niemeyer's Buildings As Never Seen Before

Grab your 3D glasses, the artists at Visionaire, an art and fashion publisher, have added dramatic new depth to architectural photography. The work of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who brought Modern design to Sao Paolo, Brasilia, and Rio de Janeiro, has now been optimized for viewing through stereoscope lenses. Just as Niemeyer innovated architectural design, making soft, delicate curves out of his concrete buildings, the international team of artists at Visionaire are advancing stereoscopic design and traditional ways of viewing cities, neatly packaging 3D scenes of modern Brazil against Niemeyer’s landscape into lenticular cases featuring the art of Fernando and Humberto Campana and Beatriz Milhazes on its exterior. In collaboration, Paddle8, a website showcasing international art, has launched the same series of images of Niemeyer’s work by photographer Vicente de Paulo. Paulo’s once color images capturing both details and entire works of the architect’s buildings are now seen in black and white, but are all the more lively with their 3D manipulation. And it seems appropriate that Niemeyer’s portfolio would be viewed in this dream like manner often used to bring fantasy worlds to life, for as Niemeyer said, “architecture is fantasy.” Paddle8’s portfolio is available individually for $125 or together with Visionaire’s stereoscope and slides for $450. The Visionaire stereoscope and slides retail separately at $375.