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Get Outta the dark

Illuminate the darkest outdoor areas with these up-down lights

Notable for their ability to cast light both up and down, these bold outdoor fixtures provide uncompromising illumination.

Acuo Outdoor Nick Sheridan for Cerno

This asymmetric sconce features a jagged composition that emits light like a setpiece from a German Expressionist film. The dimmable integrated LED fixture is offered in various light colors ranging from 2700K to 4000K.

Rail Outdoor Lighting System Juniper

This system of interconnecting light rods can be assembled in endless configurations of luminance. The silicone-enveloped LED pods join together at custom lengths that and can rotate 320 degrees—providing focused lighting that is easily adjustable.

Clessidra Outdoor FLOS

Taking the form of an hourglass, this wall sconce emits a diffuse, indirect light from both ends. It is offered in gray and brown and in two beam lengths.

Antarktikós Carlotta de Bevilacqua for Artemide

This luminaire shines light in 360 degrees from a single LED bulb. The patented piece is available with a white or RGB light.

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Tile Time

The latest trends in ceramic tile from Cersaie
From September 23 to 27, more than 100,000 people visited the home of Italian ceramics in Bologna, Italy, to see the world’s premier tile show, Cersaie. The international exhibition featured nearly 900 exhibitors showcasing ceramic tile and bathroom fittings from 40 countries. From timeless stylistic motifs like terrazzo to new-fangled digitally printed ceramic slabs, to overarching themes like wellness, we present the latest trends in tile and bathrooms. 

Digital Printing

Using a new digital printing technique that does not require high-temperature firing, digital slabs feature colorful custom designs. Fired after decoration, the ceramic surfaces are stain-resistant and highly durable.  Wide & Style ABK

Flora and Fauna 

Flower and plant motifs bring sensory experiences to engage both sight and touch. These new tiles were aptly inspired by nature.  i filati di rex Florim


Aggregate flakes of marble, stone, or other materials are the defining characteristic of terrazzo. New collections offer a variety of colors and sizes to create unique applications.  Medley Ergon Engineered Stone


Iridescent glazes allow light and shadow to refract from new holographic finishes. This playful treatment allows the color of the glossy tile to change given the light.   Spectre 41zero42


New ceramic wall tiles adorned with 3D relief patterns add texture to otherwise flat vertical surfaces, bring color, dimension, and a little pizazz.  Veneto Porcelanosa


Engineered marble, or otherwise put, ultra compact surfacing made to look like the metamorphic rock, is more cost-effective and unarguably more durable, but, perhaps, also more beautiful than natural stone. These new surfaces articulate the natural veining in marble in a hyper-realistic depiction that can only be made through manufacturing.  Dekton Stonika - Olimpo Cosentino


Beyond spa-like touches of wood and atmospheric lighting, bathroom design has taken health to new extremes. Manufacturers like Scavolini have “optimized” the bathroom experience by combining bath fittings with wall-mounted gym equipment.  Gym Space Scavolini


Engineered wood is by no means new, but manufacturers are taking a step beyond emulating the mere appearance of the material. New motifs mimic how the material is used in artful compositions of parquetry and marquetry. Intarsi Ceramica Sant’Agostino
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Keep it Dry, Keep it Safe

The latest weather barriers provide thermal breaking plus UV protection

UV Protection

Sun damage remains one of the biggest threats to a building’s exterior. These newly developed water and air barriers employ UV-protection technologies to maintain the integrity of building envelopes.


This self-adhering vapor-permeable weather and air barrier comprises two outer layers of spun-bonded polypropylene fabric and a subsequent UV-protecting inner layer. The additional UV-resistant acrylic coating protects the moisture absorbing properties that would otherwise be damaged while the material is left exposed during construction.

Sto Gold Coat Sto Corp.

Sto Corp.’s tried-and-true liquid applied membrane provides extended UV-protection time, allows for low temperature application, and increases opacity to hide sheathing. The barrier is directly applied to wall paneling or concrete masonry and is combined with a waterproofing StoGuard sheathing-joint treatment where needed.

Window Bucks

It’s not enough to have thermally broken windows and doors; create unbroken, insulated building envelopes using window bucks, air-tightening, and waterproofing products that extend around openings.

ThermalBuck BRINC Building Products

This insulating system acts as an air and water barrier while simultaneously supporting the weight of a window or door, which prevents sagging in the exterior membrane. It is sold in lengths of 8 feet and available in seven depths: 1 inch, 1 1/2 inches, 2 inches, 2 1/2 inches, 3 inches, 3 1/2 inches, and 4 inches. ThermalBuck is not UV stable, and is designed to be covered with cladding.

Fox Blocks Series Fox Blocks

Fox Blocks are made of an outer shell of expanded polystyrene foam panels tethered together by interior injection-molded plastic ties. Besides protecting the building envelope from moisture, the insulating concrete form wall blocks dampen noise. The system is offered in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and concrete core thicknesses for exterior and interior applications.

PVC Beveled Window Buck Supreme Window Bucks

Most window bucks have a square cross-section that causes a gap to form between the window opening surface and the window frame. With a patented trapezoidal cross-section, this PVC window buck uses a beveled edge that allows the insulating layer to be positioned closer to the window opening surface. The drywall can then installed in such a way that the interior frame is still fully exposed.

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Thermal Layering

Liquid flashing for coverage in those hard to reach areas

For those occasional sealing needs, such as repairs to oddly shaped pipe penetrations or irregular window openings, fluid flashing provides the best air- and water-tight coverage that can be easily applied—in a flash.

Air-Bloc All Weather STPE Henry

Made with silyl terminated polyether (STPE), this fluid-applied air barrier system features a high solids content and cures in a jiffy. Meanwhile, its hydrophobic qualities mean it can be applied in the rain or snow without washing away, and in temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

SmartFlash ONE CertainTeed

This liquid applied protective flashing and repair resin provides seamless protection for steep or low-sloped roofs. Easy to apply in one step on-site, it is a cost-effective, time-saving solution for new applications or improvements. When patching asphalt skin and shingles, granules can be added to match the existing texture.

ZIP System Liquid Flash Huber Engineered Woods

Featuring a chemical makeup of urethanes and silicones, this wet flashing solution bonds to masonry, PVC, glass, wood, concrete, and other building materials. When applied with a trowel or brush, the moisture- and UV-resistant membrane takes as little as 20 to 40 minutes to dry, rain or shine.

Icynene X-Wall System Icynene-Lapolla

This continuous spray-on insulation is applied directly to the exterior skin, delivering thermal insulation, a tightly sealed air and water membrane, and Class II vapor retardation, all in one solution. The closed-cell foam is ideal for sealing irregular surfaces, cracks, studs, and seams.

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Purify my space

The latest filtration technologies respond in real-time to treat air quality
Surprisingly, indoor air quality can actually be worse than outdoor. Take immediate action with these new intelligent devices that monitor and control interior atmospheres while providing instant insights.
Glow C Awair Breathe easy with this smart LED nightlight, equipped with technologies that monitor VOCs, temperature, and humidity in real time. Via the Awair app, users can track air quality and adjust the settings of “non-smart” HVAC systems connected to Nest, Alexa, or Google Home.
Pure Cool Me Dyson Dyson’s new personal purifying and cooling fan sifts out potentially unhealthy microscopic particles released by everyday household items, cleaning products, and building materials. The machine uses a hybrid-sealed activated carbon and glass high-efficiency particulate air filter that ensnares gases and pollutants. Meanwhile, the fan’s aerodynamic convex surface can be adjusted to project concentrated wind streams.
Biotica800 BetterAir Instead of using strong chemical additives, BetterAir’s system releases microscopic probiotics that form a protective layer of microfauna on walls, floors, and furnishings. Pathogens, mold, and allergens are eliminated by the “good” bacteria before they can collect in hard-to-reach places. Just don’t use it with an ultraviolet light purifier, which could kill the probiotics.
Molekule Molekule Fight mold, asthma, allergies, and chemical sensitivities with purified air! Molekule uses photoelectrochemical oxidation to break down pollutants and allergens. In the oxidation process, free radicals change the chemical composition of potentially harmful air, cleaning it on a microscopic level.
SLX High Output UV-C Fixture UV Resources This fixture uses ultraviolet C light to destroy pathogens in HVAC channels, drain pans, and cooling coils. The SLX lamp provides 360-degree coverage to exterior supply and return exhaust ducts, killing harmful microbes.
Healthbox 3.0 Renson Using built-in sensors, Renson’s smart ventilation system measures levels of carbon dioxide, VOCs, and humidity to direct airflow when and where needed. The SmartConnect duct links to an app so installers can track and manage their job sites, and to a user app that measures air quality in various rooms. With a “faster” setting that ensures higher ventilation levels, Healthbox 3.0 delivers filtered indoor breezes in a jiffy.
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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful!

Air out the stuffiest interior climate zones with these ventilating fans
These fans circulate sizable swathes of air but are quieter than a whisper.
AIR ST Boffi Italian designer Giulio Gianturco teamed up with the kitchen manufacturer Boffi on its collection of ventilation products to create a wooden ceiling fan that comes in wooden, white, and black finishes. The blades spin at five different speeds and are controlled by a radio remote. Blow Luceplan
Turin, Italy–based designer Ferdi Giardini collaborated with lighting design studio Luceplan on an overhead fan he characterizes as the “rainbow thief.” In one finish option, transparent blades “reveal the colors of the rainbow,” while in another, colored blades blur and blend, “canceling the color.”
i6 Big Ass Fans Featuring aircraft-grade aluminum blades, this “big ass” fan brings industrial-quality airflow to intimate-size spaces. The SenseME technology allows users to connect through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to set custom schedules, monitor temperature sensors, and use other features that help to conserve energy and minimize heating and cooling costs. It is offered in 60-inch, 72-inch, and 84-inch wingspans in custom colorways.
NORDIKEVOLUTIONR140/56" Blow Vortice
Milan-based ventilation purveyor, Vortice, designed this ceiling fan to maximize airflow with just three 56-inch galvanized steel blades. It is available with a light and remote control.
V-Series Patterson Fan Company Featuring angled V-shaped blades, V-Series gearless ceiling fans move volumes of air either forward or in reverse at speeds ranging from leisurely to brisk. Various sizes—8-feet, 12-feet, 16-feet, 20-feet, and 24-feet—fit applications from warehouses to aviation to fitness to agriculture.
Axiom Fan Axiom Fans The Axiom Fan serves areas upward of 5,000 square feet by virtue of its monolithic curved blades. Perfect for indoor and covered outdoor areas, it is offered in three sizes and eleven colors and textures.
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Cabana Cool

Savor the last days of summer in the comfort of Blu Dot’s new outdoor furniture collection
Minneapolis-based furniture purveyor Blu Dot recently released their new Perch outdoor furniture collection, a luxurious seating family outfitted with sumptuous pillowy cushioning. Perch comprises a two-seat sofa, three-seat sofa, lounge chair and ottoman, and reclining chair fashioned from rectangular teak slats supported by a matte white aluminum framework. The material composition affords nearly year-round exposure to the elements. Meanwhile, the Sunbrella fabric prevents fading and pesky mildew.  Perch Outdoor 2 Seat Sofa   Perch Outdoor Lounge Chair Perch Outdoor Ottoman Perch Outdoor 3 Seat Sofa Perch Outdoor Sun Lounger As the story goes, Blu Dot’s design team was inspired by the marine world. Taking cues from the aesthetic detailing of decking and boats, the Perch collection features just three materials, in a construction that makes use of each: a solid aluminum base to support teakwood slats, topped off with a Sunbrella upholstered cushion. The combination results in a striking combination of cozy reclining seating that brings the warmth of indoors outside.  On a recent trip the company’s Minneapolis headquarters, The Architect’s Newspaper had the opportunity to speak with the design team and founders, Maurice Blanks and John Christakos. Established in 1997, Blu Dot was started by a collection of friends that had just graduated from architecture and art school. Frustrated by the lack of modern furniture available that was designed well and that they could actually afford, they decided to go off on their own and 22 years later, the company prides itself in the ethos that brought it to fruition: affordable furniture that people in their twenties could buy on a budget. This was before IKEA, West Elm, and CB2, when you had to actually get an appointment to a furniture showroom.  Blanks and Christakos designed and made Blu Dot’s earliest creations like the Real Good Chair, Modu-licious, and the Strut Table. Nowadays, they both work the in-house design team to develop new collections like the Hands Down sofa collection, conjure new designs like the Deep Thought Leather Lounge Chair, and, from time to time, retire irrelevant pieces like 4 Square CD Rack. What’s next? The company has just launched its own series of rugs that pair perfectly with their furniture offerings, which will continue to grow within the Blu Dot furniture family. With all that in mind, do have a hankering to get your hands on a Blu Dot original of your own? Enter to win a 1972 Chevy El Camino filled with ten thousand dollars worth of Blu Dot Furniture—nearly as many as you could cram into the trunk—on Blu Dot’s website through September 20.
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Light In, Light Out

Decorative glass to articulate the more ephemeral qualities of the built environment

Ephemeral by design, these decorative glass panels emphasize the esoteric interaction of light and color. Meanwhile, dichroic glass shimmers as it changes between two different colors depending on the angle of light passing through it.

Oblique & Chevron Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Skyline Design

Using software developed to translate color from photos into patterns of translucent layers, the Bouroullec brothers produced a glass collection that conjures a Venetian-blind lighting effect. As light passes through the panels’ series of shapes and lines, it refracts into linear patterns.

Sherazade Patchwork Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia

This patchwork arrangement of rectangular panes of glass is reminiscent of both cathedral windows and Mondrian paintings. The delicate partition is available with sliding or pocket doors in single or double configurations.

Dichroic Laminated Glass Goldray Glass

3M’s multilayer optical film is laminated between two or more lites to create a dichroic effect. It is available in two color palettes, in fully opaque or translucent glass panels.


NARIMA is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The collection features six vibrant colorways that can be fabricated for various applications, including thermally strengthened safety glass, insulating glass, heat-toughened glass, and laminated safety glass.

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The Glass Ceiling

New enhanced glass brings increased security and thermal performance
Bolstered by innovative fabrication methods and outfitted with new performance-enhancing features, these new glazing solutions provide both energy efficiency and security.
MS-375TC / WS-500TC Thermal Composite Entrance Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope This door is designed to meet the most stringent energy codes by combining thermal breaking technologies in the frame with a passive low-e solar coating on the glass. Multiple configurations are possible, including single, paired, and in groups.
SuperClear 45-HS-LI Safti First This fire-protective glazing solution can withstand flames for up to 45 minutes. Free from tints, laminates, films, or wires, the panel maintains optimal clarity. Depending on where SuperClear 45-HS-LI is installed, it provides approximately 90 percent visible light transmission. It is offered in door, window, and transom applications.
DermaGlass Pulp Studio At just .05 inches thick, DermaGlass is thinner, yet more durable, than standard heat-treated glass. It is chemically strengthened by an ion exchange process that toughens the surface of the glass through compression. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorative applications.
YWW 60 TU YKK AP Designed to fit floor-to-ceiling spans, this thermally broken window-wall system is equipped with YKK’s patented MegaTherm insulating gasketing system. It provides thermal performance for 1-inch glazing (or 1⁄4-inch infill using adapters).
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Caution: Wide Load

New, larger than ever monolithic glass panels

Using new manufacturing methods, these fabricators produce the biggest glass panels equipped with pioneering structural support systems.

Jumbo Glass—Annealed Laminated Glasswerks

Made in sizes up to 300 inches wide and 130 inches tall, these behemoth glass sheets are manufactured in Glasswerks’ special Jumbo Glass factory in South Gate, California. The sheets are available in an array of substrates, thicknesses, and interlayers with low-iron glass, low-e glass, and clear glass.

Jumbo Anti-Reflective Glass AGNORA

AGNORA’s 236-by-126-inch monolithic glass panels are ideal for any application where excessive glare would otherwise be a problem. Each sheet is treated with an anti-glare coating by Guardian Glass.

Oversize Glass Cristacurva

Custom made for each project, these large pieces can be used to create the most expansive roofs, facades, and windows. Cristacurva offers large format glazing as tempered glass, laminated glass, and in insulated glass units.

BIG Glass Viracon

Viracon’s BIG Glass panels come in sizes up to 130 inches wide and 236 inches tall. The large-format glass sheets are offered in various styles including laminated, insulating, triple insulating, insulating laminated, laminated insulating, double laminated insulating, and monolithic.

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Fly Safe!

Pioneering glass products that birds can see
Thanks to new legislation and building codes promoting bird-friendly construction in Canada and the United States, manufacturers are developing glass that minimizes the likelihood of collisions. New architectural glazing products provide visual cues to birds without sacrificing views or the overall look of the building envelope.
AviProtek E Bird-Safe Solar Control Low-E Glass Walker Glass Vitro Architectural Glass partnered with Walker Glass on a bird-friendly glass developed for the new canopy at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Vitro’s Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass transparent glass allows for optimal light transmission while making the light reflecting from Walker Glass’s velour acid-etched finish more visible to birds.
Bird1st UV Guardian Glass This new coating reduces bird collisions by breaking up reflective areas of glass with vertical UV stripes that are barely visible to the human eye. It will be available in December, adding to Guardian’s current bird-friendly glass products outfitted with industry-standard frit patterns on Guardian SunGuard coated glass.
ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass New larger sizes Arnold Glas At the AIA Expo in June, Arnold Glas debuted new oversize production capabilities for its bird-safety glass, ORNILUX. It is now offered in a maximum size of 126-by-472 inches, up from the previous maximum of 102-by-197 inches.
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Stone Cold Solid

Layer-on the durability with Wilsonart's new Quartz and Solid Surfaces
Leading high-pressure laminates producer Wilsonart has debuted the Quartz and Solid Surface lines, adding to it's already impressive and varied gamut of composite material products that are used in furniture, office and retail spaces; as countertops, worktops, and other applications. Stain-resistant, non-porous, and food-safe, these two new highly-engineered collections champion durability but don't skimp on aesthetic quality. Both Quartz and Solid Surface solutions come in a wide selection of finishes, many of which evoke natural materials, specific landscapes, and other wellness trend-driven sources of inspiration. The Quartz collection exudes a sense of serenity with six white-to-dark variants that form the perfect backdrop canvases for any high-traffic residential or commercial interior. Developed from a similar source of inspiration, the Solid Surfaces collection comprises 10 neutral-toned iterations, some of which are translucent. This series is constructed with a sense of dynamic depth that entices the user to engage with the material in both a visual and tactile way. While visiting Wilsonart's central Texas production facility earlier this summer, The Architect's Newspaper had to chance to visit the historic Wilson House. The 1950s-era, amoebic modernist ranch-style home was designed and built by the company's founder Ralph Wilson in 1959, to serve as both his private residence and as a "test-kitchen" show house. Throughout the years, Wilson covered the home in different grades of laminate surfaces to demonstrate the composite material's flexibility and adaptability. The interiors of the Wilson House feature extensive use of decorative laminates in innovative applications, most of which had never before been seen in the home. The kitchen countertops reveal some of the earliest work in post-forming, a process in which laminate is bent and wrapped to form continuous curves from the top to the side edge of the counter. Other applications include laminate-clad built-in cabinetry in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and even within the home's showers. In 1998, the Wilson House was awarded National Landmark status by the Texas Historical Commission and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a significant architectural structure.