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Light In, Light Out

Decorative glass to articulate the more ephemeral qualities of the built environment

Ephemeral by design, these decorative glass panels emphasize the esoteric interaction of light and color. Meanwhile, dichroic glass shimmers as it changes between two different colors depending on the angle of light passing through it.

Oblique & Chevron Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Skyline Design

Using software developed to translate color from photos into patterns of translucent layers, the Bouroullec brothers produced a glass collection that conjures a Venetian-blind lighting effect. As light passes through the panels’ series of shapes and lines, it refracts into linear patterns.

Sherazade Patchwork Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia

This patchwork arrangement of rectangular panes of glass is reminiscent of both cathedral windows and Mondrian paintings. The delicate partition is available with sliding or pocket doors in single or double configurations.

Dichroic Laminated Glass Goldray Glass

3M’s multilayer optical film is laminated between two or more lites to create a dichroic effect. It is available in two color palettes, in fully opaque or translucent glass panels.


NARIMA is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The collection features six vibrant colorways that can be fabricated for various applications, including thermally strengthened safety glass, insulating glass, heat-toughened glass, and laminated safety glass.

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The Glass Ceiling

New enhanced glass brings increased security and thermal performance
Bolstered by innovative fabrication methods and outfitted with new performance-enhancing features, these new glazing solutions provide both energy efficiency and security.
MS-375TC / WS-500TC Thermal Composite Entrance Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope This door is designed to meet the most stringent energy codes by combining thermal breaking technologies in the frame with a passive low-e solar coating on the glass. Multiple configurations are possible, including single, paired, and in groups.
SuperClear 45-HS-LI Safti First This fire-protective glazing solution can withstand flames for up to 45 minutes. Free from tints, laminates, films, or wires, the panel maintains optimal clarity. Depending on where SuperClear 45-HS-LI is installed, it provides approximately 90 percent visible light transmission. It is offered in door, window, and transom applications.
DermaGlass Pulp Studio At just .05 inches thick, DermaGlass is thinner, yet more durable, than standard heat-treated glass. It is chemically strengthened by an ion exchange process that toughens the surface of the glass through compression. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorative applications.
YWW 60 TU YKK AP Designed to fit floor-to-ceiling spans, this thermally broken window-wall system is equipped with YKK’s patented MegaTherm insulating gasketing system. It provides thermal performance for 1-inch glazing (or 1⁄4-inch infill using adapters).
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Caution: Wide Load

New, larger than ever monolithic glass panels

Using new manufacturing methods, these fabricators produce the biggest glass panels equipped with pioneering structural support systems.

Jumbo Glass—Annealed Laminated Glasswerks

Made in sizes up to 300 inches wide and 130 inches tall, these behemoth glass sheets are manufactured in Glasswerks’ special Jumbo Glass factory in South Gate, California. The sheets are available in an array of substrates, thicknesses, and interlayers with low-iron glass, low-e glass, and clear glass.

Jumbo Anti-Reflective Glass AGNORA

AGNORA’s 236-by-126-inch monolithic glass panels are ideal for any application where excessive glare would otherwise be a problem. Each sheet is treated with an anti-glare coating by Guardian Glass.

Oversize Glass Cristacurva

Custom made for each project, these large pieces can be used to create the most expansive roofs, facades, and windows. Cristacurva offers large format glazing as tempered glass, laminated glass, and in insulated glass units.

BIG Glass Viracon

Viracon’s BIG Glass panels come in sizes up to 130 inches wide and 236 inches tall. The large-format glass sheets are offered in various styles including laminated, insulating, triple insulating, insulating laminated, laminated insulating, double laminated insulating, and monolithic.

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Fly Safe!

Pioneering glass products that birds can see
Thanks to new legislation and building codes promoting bird-friendly construction in Canada and the United States, manufacturers are developing glass that minimizes the likelihood of collisions. New architectural glazing products provide visual cues to birds without sacrificing views or the overall look of the building envelope.
AviProtek E Bird-Safe Solar Control Low-E Glass Walker Glass Vitro Architectural Glass partnered with Walker Glass on a bird-friendly glass developed for the new canopy at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Vitro’s Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass transparent glass allows for optimal light transmission while making the light reflecting from Walker Glass’s velour acid-etched finish more visible to birds.
Bird1st UV Guardian Glass This new coating reduces bird collisions by breaking up reflective areas of glass with vertical UV stripes that are barely visible to the human eye. It will be available in December, adding to Guardian’s current bird-friendly glass products outfitted with industry-standard frit patterns on Guardian SunGuard coated glass.
ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass New larger sizes Arnold Glas At the AIA Expo in June, Arnold Glas debuted new oversize production capabilities for its bird-safety glass, ORNILUX. It is now offered in a maximum size of 126-by-472 inches, up from the previous maximum of 102-by-197 inches.
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Stone Cold Solid

Layer-on the durability with Wilsonart's new Quartz and Solid Surfaces
Leading high-pressure laminates producer Wilsonart has debuted the Quartz and Solid Surface lines, adding to it's already impressive and varied gamut of composite material products that are used in furniture, office and retail spaces; as countertops, worktops, and other applications. Stain-resistant, non-porous, and food-safe, these two new highly-engineered collections champion durability but don't skimp on aesthetic quality. Both Quartz and Solid Surface solutions come in a wide selection of finishes, many of which evoke natural materials, specific landscapes, and other wellness trend-driven sources of inspiration. The Quartz collection exudes a sense of serenity with six white-to-dark variants that form the perfect backdrop canvases for any high-traffic residential or commercial interior. Developed from a similar source of inspiration, the Solid Surfaces collection comprises 10 neutral-toned iterations, some of which are translucent. This series is constructed with a sense of dynamic depth that entices the user to engage with the material in both a visual and tactile way. While visiting Wilsonart's central Texas production facility earlier this summer, The Architect's Newspaper had to chance to visit the historic Wilson House. The 1950s-era, amoebic modernist ranch-style home was designed and built by the company's founder Ralph Wilson in 1959, to serve as both his private residence and as a "test-kitchen" show house. Throughout the years, Wilson covered the home in different grades of laminate surfaces to demonstrate the composite material's flexibility and adaptability. The interiors of the Wilson House feature extensive use of decorative laminates in innovative applications, most of which had never before been seen in the home. The kitchen countertops reveal some of the earliest work in post-forming, a process in which laminate is bent and wrapped to form continuous curves from the top to the side edge of the counter. Other applications include laminate-clad built-in cabinetry in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and even within the home's showers. In 1998, the Wilson House was awarded National Landmark status by the Texas Historical Commission and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a significant architectural structure.  
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Open Sesame

New openings: Design-build window systems and hinges for specialized projection

Hinges for Restricted Opening

For those applications where opening outward just won’t do, these windows are framed in systems that allow for specialized projection.

Phantom 5000 Tubelite

Offered in awning and casement profiles, this zero-sightline window is outfitted with an invisible insulating barrier system that provides water, thermal, air, and structural performance. Hidden from the exterior, the hinging system can be opened from the side or bottom of the window.

250 Series Non-tilt Side-Load Window Boral Windows

Boral’s 250 Series from the Legacy Collection of low-E vinyl windows welcomes a new non-tilt side-load typology. It is offered in three colors: pebblestone, clay, and white.

TSX2500 Hopper Window Arcadia

Ideal for facade applications with restricted projection, this bottom-hinged window tilts inside from the top. It is configurable in single, double, and multiple window layout arrangements.


These specialized window systems make construction easier and more affordable by streamlining the design, prefabrication, and installation by the manufacturer.

Katerra Windows Katerra

Katerra has launched a new suite of products designed to lower costs at each phase of design and construction processes. According to the manufacturer, “This lineup includes a collection of made-to-order windows that are produced in highly specialized factories and delivered to the job site one week from the time of manufacture.”

Easy Connect Joining System Andersen

This new large window system is assembled from smaller subgroups that are factory assembled and ready to install directly into openings with the necessary joining components. The streamlined manufacturing process drastically reduces the number of installers required for on-site assembly.

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Outta my cubicle!

Divvy up office spaces with these highly adaptive modular systems

Flexible operable wall systems can create virtually endless configurations to divide space up for solo and group work.

Tek Vue Teknion

This wall panel system features thin-profile frames linked together by a single glass wall section. Tek Vue is offered with pivot or barn doors and accommodates different ceiling heights for placement nearly anywhere on a floor plan.

glassSTACKWALL Carvart

This translucent glass wall system is available with framed and frameless partitions, and can be positioned open, partially open, or closed to create various integrated work and gathering spaces. It can be combined with different hardware and architectural glass in a wide array of finishes, patterns, colors, and textures.

Koan Lualdi

Pairing glazed glass panels with vertical wooden slats makes this sliding system warm to the touch. It can be customized with Lauldi’s range of handles as well as different wood and glass finishes.

Acousti-Clear Modernfold

This acoustically rated, glass and aluminum panel system divides space and absorbs sound simultaneously. The collection features three operable partition applications: automatic, motorized, and demountable.

Spazio Rimadesio

This glass partition system is uitable for a range of applications, from conference rooms to closets, and features flexible components for custom configurations. Spazio is made in Italy and available for purchase in the United States at DOM Interiors.

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Let the Sunshine In

Daylighting solutions to brighten up any interior
These skylights simultaneously provide ample natural light inside and spectacular views of the outside.
Danpatherm RK7 Danpal This skylight-roof hybrid is fashioned from a system of "cassettes" connected to a standing seam and supported by hidden glazing columns. The strong skeletal system offers a larger aperture without the risk of damage from heavy snow or raging winds.
FVS FAKRO USA This skylight integrates a photovoltaic panel that delivers solar power to an attached battery. If sensors detect rain while the skylight is open, it automatically closes.
Versatile Glass Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope Prefabricated and shipped for easy installation, this skylight is factory assembled and pre-glazed with a fully guttered framing system. It is offered in pyramid, ridge, and octagon configurations up to eight feet wide.
SkyMax Velux Spanning 10 feet, this monolith skylight bathes interiors in natural light without compromising thermal efficiency.
SolaGlide Libart USA Unlike most skylights, this inclined system is designed to cover an entire area like a retractable roof. Made to provide thermal and weather performance year-round, SolaGlide comprises insulated glass panels and thermally broken mullions that are weather sealed.
Skyroofs - Clearspan Systems Kalwall With embedded, prismatic glass fibers, this panel system refracts light to provide a balanced deluge of diffused illumination. The structural composition of moisture-resistant aluminum beams can span up to 100 feet. Each application is custom designed, engineered, and installed.
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These windows are made for opening

High performance operable walls bring energy savings year round
Equipped with thermal barriers and insulated glass units, these energy-saving doors are made to withstand all seasons.
ah!60 - Performance panoramah! Inspired by Le Corbusier’s Five Points for a New Architecture, this collection offers boundless views through thermally broken external partitions. Like a screen, the sliding solution maximizes the openings in rooms to provide equal levels of lighting and selective views of the surrounding landscape.
AA 3200 Thermal Sliding Door Kawneer With framing and a tracking system outfitted with Kawneer’s IsoPour Thermal Break barrier, these patio doors maintain interior climates to provide energy efficiency. The frame is designed to accommodate insulated glass for improved thermal performance. Meanwhile, the casters, tracks, and fasteners are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
1600 Series 1618 Multi-Slide Door MI Windows This gliding patio door system improves energy efficiency while simultaneously supplying a scenic vantage point. Featuring an insulating warm-edge spacer system, panes of insulated glass on the sliding track seal to the frame to prevent thermal exchange.
External Timber Doors Accoya Accoya wood—sustainably harvested radiata pine that is acetylated to give it hardwood properties—is a durable material that works well in exterior timber frames. The wood is designed to prevent swelling and expansion for at least 50 years. Accoya wood can be used in front doors, bifolding doors, patio doors, and garage doors, among other applications.
AIRE Brombal The appropriately named AIRE glass panel system features extremely thin, thermally broken profiles ranging from 7/8” to 1 and 1/2”. It is available in four metal finishes: galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten steel, and brass.
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XL Openings

These behemoth sliding glass doors bring the outdoors inside

Delivering nearly seamless sight lines, these expansive exterior doors open to expose floor-to-ceiling views.

Architect Series Scenescape Pella Aptly dubbed Scenescape, this collection of wall-height patio doors offers expansive views—whether closed, ajar, or open—to the outside. Newly redesigned, key features include thermally broken frames, new design finishes, and structural improvements.

CrossTrak Wausau Window and Wall Systems

Featuring an updated thermal break frame and door system, this behemoth sliding glass door offers sweeping views without compromising energy efficiency. For quality control, CrossTrak’s polyamide thermal barriers and insulated glass units are assembled in Wausau’s LEED Silver manufacturing center.


Combining two panels of fiberglass mounted in aluminum-clad frames, this folding patio door system features a bottom-mounted track system. When open, it provides floor-to-ceiling views that are also maintained when closed through its large glass profile.

Signature Collection Marvin

The Signature Collection is one of three collections revamped in the consolidation of two brands—Marvin Windows and Doors and Integrity Windows and Doors—into Marvin. Known as the core collection of the former Marvin Windows and Doors, the revamped product line encapsulates the Ultimate and Modern product lines featuring an array of new sizes, typologies, and aesthetic offerings.

MaxView Patio Door Ply Gem

Designed to provide panoramic views, this monolithic three-panel multi-slide door system is available in custom sizes up to 18 feet wide and 10 feet high (and also in standard sizes for more typical applications). It is equipped with a 900-megahertz wireless network that syncs to the remote and Ply Gem’s DreamViewApp to control automated opening.

Lift & Slide Door Series 2000 Skyline Windows

Most sliding doors are heavy and have to be dragged open. The Lift & Slide Door Series 2000 is furnished with a handle that rotates 180 degrees to lift the sash off the tracks so it easily glides open.

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Love to Build

Check out the best new building products and tools from the 2019 AIA Expo
With over 750 exhibitors, the AIA Conference on Architecture is the premier event of the year to see the newest building products. We ventured to Las Vegas to speak to the building product manufacturers on the expo floor and discovered the latest materials and high-tech solutions. You’ll find highlights in openings, painting/coatings, software, acoustics, and more below. Enjoy!


Sun Tunnel Velux This unconventional daylighting solution brings natural light inside through a discreet aperture. The light tunnel provides diffused sunlight that runs all the way from the roof to the room below. YWW 60 TU YKK AP Designed to fit floor-to-ceiling spans, this thermally broken window wall system is equipped with YKK’s patented Megatherm insulating gasketing system. It provides thermal performance for one-inch glazing (or ¼ inch infill using adaptors).


Chinese Porcelain PPG PPG named Chinese Porcelain—a deep, saturated, navy blue—the 2020 color of the year. The hue is said to promote relaxation and tranquility in “the anxiety of a fast-paced world.” 2020 Colormix Forecast Sherwin-Williams Paint purveyor Sherwin-Williams debuted 5 palettes of 45 colors to promote the ongoing trend of wellness. Combinations of neutral, nature-inspired hues are designed to foster healthy building environments via the beauty of color.

Software/Digital Platforms

Unity Reflect Unity Technologies At last! No more waiting for files to transfer from Revit. The new platform automatically syncs projects in real time in Autodesk across all platforms—from desktop, to mobile, to VR, and AR. It will be available in fall 2019. OpenCA IngeniousIO This cloud-based construction administration management platform is designed to help architects and engineers collaborate. The visually-driven design clearly illustrates process, progress, goals, and landmarks while simultaneously allowing for real-time feedback.  


LightFrame Decoustics Utilizing back-lit LED lights, these acoustic fabric panels emit light while simultaneously absorbing noise. A UV coating is applied to the stretched fabric to prevent color fading and ensure optimal lighting. MetalWorks Torsion Spring Shapes Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions These geometric tiles create custom ceilings that absorb sound. The modular design allows for a range of applications to control noise in open areas and small spaces. It is available in 2D- or 3D-patterned panels, non-perforated or perforated, in a full spectrum of custom colors.
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Product Parade

Some of the best new and noteworthy furniture from ICFF 2019
From May 20 to 23, over 38,000 people flocked to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) to see the latest designs. Inside the glass walls of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, over 900 designers and manufacturers from around the world showcased the latest offerings in furniture, lighting, kitchen and bath, textiles, wall coverings, and flooring. Here, we highlight the products that are new and noteworthy.

Outdoor Furniture

Monceau collection Fermob Monceau Collection Fermob Fermob introduced four new seating pieces into its colorful collection of park furniture. New additions include the xl armchair, the low armchair, xl bench, and rocking chair (our personal favorite). Solar Lounger NEA Studio Outfitted with a photovoltaic panel in the adjustable backrest, this wooden slatted bench features integrated LEDs that illuminate from the inside. It is offered in mobile or stationary versions.  


Penna Collection Cerno To celebrate the lighting company’s ten year anniversary, in-house designer Nick Sheridan designed the Penna collection to represent the aesthetic vocabulary of the brand. Fashioned in walnut, brass, and leather, the fixtures are representative of Cerno’s bold use of solid wood, strap-work, and metal detailing. Pebble Series by Lukas Peet ANDlight Canadian designer Lukas Peet envisioned a series of glass lights that emulate the tactile qualities of stone. Including a pendant and ceiling/wall fixture, the collection features translucent glass blown forms available in four naturalesque finishes: pearl, travertine, slate, and citrine. Hemera Desk Lamp Ross Gardam Melbourne-based designer Ross Gardam debuted the Hemera Desk Lamp at ICFF to inaugurate the brand’s U.S. presence and new platform to distribute lighting across the country. Inspired by brutalist architecture of the 1960s, the marble fixture comprises two intersecting cylindrical forms that appear to have no visible light source.


CL.1 Dornbracht This collection of crystal fittings features the ephemeral qualities of light and shadow. Eight handle shades are offered in three finishes. Advanced Control Laufen Advanced Control is a cloud solution that connects plumbing to building management systems to monitor water usage, configure settings remotely, and indicate when maintenance is required. It will be available beginning summer 2019.


Jay Jeffers for The Access by Accurate Accurate Lock & Hardware Accurate Lock & Hardware teamed up with interior designer Jay Jeffers on a new line of architectural hardware. Encapsulating a range of locks, pulls, knobs, and handles, each collection features finely detailed metal finishes available with smart lock technologies. Hollywood Hills collection Baldwin Hardware Interior designer Erinn Valencich designed a range of hardware inspired by the glamorous interiors from the golden era of Hollywood. Including cabinet hardware, roses, deadbolts, knobs, and handles, the collection is available in 19 finishes.