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Safdie Rabines Architects
June 28, 2019
San Diego, United States
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Safdie Rabines Architects in San Diego, CA.


  • Prepare architectural documents for review, approval and permitting by various jurisdictions.
  • Compile design data and perform dimensional and routine calculations required for the preparation of drawing sets and design layouts.
  • Manage design changes from multiple sources including client meetings, consultant requests, and drawings/specifications marked up by a supervisor.
  • Coordinate with design team stakeholders including client, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, civil/structural engineers, and landscape architects.
  • Conduct product research and integrate into design solutions variations and present them for consideration.
  • Use current architectural software to produce design drawings, renderings, layouts, and color/material boards for specific architectural designs.
  • Apply knowledge of digital 3D modeling concepts including rendering for visualization and interoperability between various software packages.
  • Working on Revit Work-sharing environments, coordinating with consultants, M.E.P., civil/structural and landscape, and responding to clients' needs and change requests.


  • Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Architecture, plus two (2) years of experience as an Architectural Designer or related occupation.
  • Must have experience in using technical reference manuals to ensure compliance with applicable building codes, standards, and regulations including California Building Code, Coastal Development Standards, ADA/CALDAG, USGBC LEED, Cal Green Building Code, and UL/GA Fire Resistive Design
  • Working in Microsoft Windows network environments
  • Utilizing Autodesk Revit 2016 and AutoCAD 2016 in producing construction documents and managing design changes, creating parametric families with Revit, and creating 3D models for visualization; experience with lighting and texturing 3D geometry for rendering/visualization
  • Using McNeel Rhinoceros v5 and Sketchup 2015-2016 modeling software in mapping and analyzing information from GIS, compiling modeled 3D geometry, creating and revising parametric architectural forms using Grasshopper, and incorporating into projects with Revit and AutoCAD, and creating 3D models for client presentations to visualize projects to study finishes and forms
  • Working on Maxwell Render v3, coordinating between modeling software and network rendering software and managing network rendering jobs across multiple projects
  • Making physical wood and foam core models
  • Utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and raster versus vector graphics, creating logos and signage, enhancing renderings, and creating websites by coding.

Contact Information

Send Resumes to:

Safdie Rabines Architects
Attn: Marth Garcia,
925 Fort Stockton Drive,
San Diego, CA 92103

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