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These are AN’s best hot takes of 2017

2017 was a tumultuous year for the news, but it was also a controversial one for architecture. We saw many of the same weird 2017 phenomena (social media, privatization, the post-truth) affecting AN and the subjects we cover. Here are some of our most controversial and critical opinion pieces, from…
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The good, the bad, and the ugly: Best preservation stories of 2017

In the trenches, preservation can feel cyclical—historic buildings are defended and saved, others destroyed, and public appreciation grows for once-loathed styles (looking at you, Brutalism). This year’s brilliant adaptive reuse projects are worthy of their own list, but we chose to highlight the epic sagas—new landmarks, victories against out-of-scale development, priceless…
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The most popular interior design projects of 2017

As we continue to evolve our AN Interior magazine (don’t miss it on newsstands if you haven’t already gotten your copy!), we are discovering more and more amazing architectural interiors. Here are a few showstoppers that you, our readers, couldn't stop checking out this year. (See the rest of our 
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Who we lost in 2017

2017 may have had its peaks and valleys (to be honest, more than its fair share of valleys), but all felt the loss of revered figures throughout the design world this year. Below we pause to remember these notable people and their contributions to design, criticism and pedagogy. (See the…
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Goooooaal! The best sports architecture of 2017

Soccer fields, ballparks, and football stadiums are all designed to direct attention towards a central spectacle, but that doesn’t mean they all have to follow the same playbook. In a year where cities tried to integrate their stadiums into the surrounding urban fabric, developers and designers demonstrated new ways of…
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The 12 best architecture controversies of 2017

As 2017 fades away, we look back at some of the controversies and debates that stirred up the waters. Here are our most memorable, outrageous topics of the year. We love it when our readers respond and add to the conversation! (See the rest of our Year in Review 2017 articles…