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World Trade Center Site Meets Irene’s Challenge

Hurricane Irene was no match for tenth anniversary preparations at the World Trade Center site. In fact, some are claiming that the storm could have been a good thing for the soon-to-be-open memorial site. Joseph Daniels, president and CEO of the Memorial Foundation, told The Observer that all the trees…
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Hold the MSG: Renovations Hurting Arena’s Profits

The three year cycle of summertime renovations at Madison Square Garden is starting to eat away at its bottom line. The renovation schedule has prevented some big name events booking the arena, resulting in 39 percent drop in earning for the second quarter. At a cost of nearly $850 million (up from initial…
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On View> Brian Ulrich: Copia-Retail, Thrift, & Dark Stores

Brian Ulrich: Copia—Retail, Thrift, and Dark Stores, 2001–11 Cleveland Museum of Art 11150 East Boulevard Through January 16, 2012 Using only a hand-held camera, photographer Brian Ulrich captured the fluctuating economic climate’s impact on American consumerism in the last decade. Brian Ulrich: Copia – Retail, Thrift and Dark…
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On View> Supertall! at The Skyscraper Museum

SUPERTALL! WORLD TOWERS ABOVE 380 METERS The Skyscraper Museum 39 Battery Place New York Through January 2012 The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa is over twice the height of the Empire State Building—a grand total of 2,717 feet. The exhibition SUPERTALL! at the Skyscraper Museum explores the development…
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Quick Clicks> Tabled, Athletic Alphabet, Grand Apple, and Trumping Georgia

Table of Tables. It’s a meta periodic table of tables…or a chemistry lessons for design connoisseurs. Curbed posted the tongue-in-cheek infographic above: gone are helium, hydrogen, and silver; now we have coffee tables, pool tables, and nightstands. Athletic Alphabet. An ambitious Spanish graphic designer, Joan Pons Moll, has created…
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On View> Seat: An Outdoor Chair Show in San Francisco

(Courtesy Respective Designers)Seat: An Outdoor Chair Show Fort Mason Center 38 Fort Mason San Francisco Through May 31, 2012 In collaboration with the Fort Mason Center, curators Topher Delaney and Kika Probst of Seam Studio challenged forty designers to create and build outdoor public seating that would reflect…