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An OMA development threatens a landmark of Dutch urban design

Shopping these days is often done online, making street-level urban and suburban commercial retail spaces eerily vacant, but this was not always the case. Consider Rotterdam's Lijnbaan. The Lijnbaan, a large-scale development for Rotterdam proposed by Dutch architect Jo van den Broek, was made of housing and commercial buildings. Around…
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A closer look at Berlage's kiosk

Berlage's kiosk, a glorified Cubo-Expressionist structure of the humble building type, was realized by the Dutch architect in 1925.  Sited in the Buitenhof, a large plaza set just before the Dutch government complex in The Hague, it deserves attention because of its original design as…

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Close contact in an Aldo van Eyck sculpture pavilion in the Netherlands

In the first half of the 1960s, Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck worked on a commission for a sculpture pavilion in Arnhem. The pavilion was for a temporary one-year exhibition that was on view between 1965 and 1966. But a permanent pavilion was recommissioned through van Eyck's widow and built…