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Elizabeth Duffy, Apartment 2B by Susan Morris

  Elizabeth Duffy & Cheryl Yun: Apartment 2B dm contemporary NYC 39 East 29th Street, 2nd Floor New York Ended March 15, 2014 On the 2nd floor of a luxury 34-story highrise between Madison & Park avenues designed by architect H. Thomas O’Hara is a gallery called dm contemporary…
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Review> 2014 Sundance Film Festival

“The future never existed, only the present.”—Paolo Soleri in Doug Aitken’s The Source At the 2014 Sundance Film Festival last month, visitors were constantly reminded of architecture. The introductory bumper played before every single screened film featured a digitally-mapped projection on the facade of the Egyptian Theater, an art…
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Must See TV> PBS Explores the World's Super Skyscrapers

PBS's four-part TV series, Super Skyscrapers, deals with uber-high buildings around the world. It is rare to follow the process of constructing a building, let alone a monster-sized one. Yet here, a special characteristic of each of the four skyscrapers is highlighted within the context of maximum height: One World…
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A Look Back at the Toronto International and New York Film Festivals

Film festivals are sneak previews of what to look for throughout the year, both on the big screen and through streaming services like Netflix. There are a surprising number of films circulating that are informed by architecture and design, including standouts like Twelve Years and Slave and Spike Jonze’s Her.…