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Jerde will upgrade Rose Bowl Stadium ahead of its centennial

The Rose Bowl Stadium is set to undergo yet another major revamp ahead of its centennial anniversary in 2022 and Super Bowl LVI. Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary firm Jerde will rethink the
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Venice is slammed with floods as architectural treasures are submerged

Over the last 24 hours, the city of Venice, Italy, has experienced record-breaking flooding—the highest its been in over 50 years. According to city officials, 85 percent of Venice was underwater by yesterday evening with peak water heights reaching just over six feet.  Mayor…
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Tulsa's Gathering Place aims for reconciliation

What goes into a park? We dug into the parts and pieces of landscape design to explore and illustrate the forces, material histories, and narratives that hide beneath the surface. This article is the first of three such deep dives, which includes Tongva Park in Santa Monica, California, and