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3,000-mile-long bike path coming to the East Coast

The East Coast Greenway Alliance (ECGA) has already completed almost a third of the 3,000-mile-long path, which would ultimately connect 15 states. The ECGA uses its resources to fund and organize local groups and volunteers to build sections of the path. The Durham, North Carolina-based organization has highlighted that this approach fosters a feeling of…
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IKEA to launch line of furniture made from recycled materials

The popular Swedish furniture producer IKEA has said it will release a new line made almost entirely of recycled materials. For example, the OGDER kitchen chairs (designed in collaboration with Stockholm-based designers From Us With Love) are made of a combination of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic bottles; the chair will come in a number of different sizes and colors.…
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Celebrating American design on the 4th of July

The fourth of July is a day to commemorate our independence and history of independent thinking, our American spirit if you will. Though it’s not common knowledge, design is actually a major part of this American history. Dating back to the nation’s founding, innovation and skill in furniture making helped…
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Olson Kundig launches creative residency program

Seattle-based firm Olson Kundig has announced a residency program for one lucky creative collaborator. While the firm is largely known for its residential work, kinetic architecture, and nature-focused design, Olson Kundig has a longstanding history of collaborations with artists. “‘What can we do together that we can’t do apart?’ This spirit is not only part…
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Designers use crystals for multisensory installations at Design Miami

In a recent Swarovski-sponsored competition for Design Miami, designers were tasked with using crystal to contemplate the “quality of interaction between people and design.” The three winning projects—whose works are listed below—all have a unique take on crystalline design. The first designer, Anjali Srinivasan, was inspired by “human gesture.” She created a…
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Products that make living small easier for all

Cities like New York and San Francisco may be big, but if you live there, your apartment probably won’t be described as such. Of course this isn’t news to you, but what might be are some of these beautiful products that can easily fit in your compact dwelling. You just may…