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Gordon Parks Arts Hall

Barbara Karant

The University of Chicago is often praised for its rigorous academics, its serene location in an enclave on South Side, its superb bookstores and museums, and its traditional ivy-laden, collegiate atmosphere. It is less frequently cited for its impressive collection of buildings designed by notable modern, postmodern, and…

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Designing the Border Wall?

Recently, Archdaily announced, on behalf of the Third Mind Foundation, a competition called “Building the Border Wall.” Perhaps in response to emerging criticism about the ethical implications of such a call to architects, the competition website later added a question mark to the title, changing it to “Building the…
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Into the ‘Woods

Will a new stadium by HKS change the character of this L.A. neighborhood? Courtesy HKS

A development boom is coming to Inglewood. A number of high profile projects are coming to the predominantly African-American and Latino city of 110,000 adjacent to South Los Angeles. Major urban development is underway, from…

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You Could Be Home By Now

Chicago. Ian Freimuth/Flickr

Shelter. Let’s start there. It’s a basic need. The root of architecture— Marc-Antoine Laugier’s enlightenment frontispiece offers up the primitive hut as reason over nature. A right, right? We’d like to think so. But globally and nationally, the simplest of human acts of shelter are elusive, politicized,…

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Small Firm Moves Mountains

Tom Harris, Hedrich Blessing/Courtesy Team A

In Chicago’s Austin neighborhood on the Far West Side, Team A, a small-but-nimble Chicago practice, recently saw its completed design for Moving Everest Charter School. The newly opened elementary school is located across the street from the By The Hand Club For Kids (BTHC),…

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Latin Kings

Eladio Dieste, Iglesia de Cristo Obrero, Atlantida, Uruguay, 1958. Luis E. Carranza/Courtesy University of Texas Press

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Minnesota’s Modern Love

St. Columba's nave is among Minnesota's finest midcentury worship spaces. Peter Sieger

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Latest Plans

An odd juxtaposition of views in Houston. PATRICK FELLER

Finally. Houston, notorious for its lack of zoning, adopted its first general plan September 2015. Known as Plan Houston, it’s a road map for planners and leaders to make informed decisions about issues like mobility, neighborhoods, development, sustainable growth, and…