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Analog BKNY

Courtesy Analog BKNY

177 Second Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Tel: 845-313-5798

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Respecting the SITE

When outgoing executive editor Aaron Seward handed me the reins to the Southwest edition of The Architect’s Newspaper, it was an exciting moment. I have always had an affinity for the southwest: Its specificity of place has a different kind of attraction than the over-run, predictable architecture of larger cities.…
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Summit House Complex


Summit House Complex
Architect: GWWO with RTA Architects

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Solange Fabiao

The massive museum appears as a ship or a whale that has come to the busy beach of Rio de Janeiro, bringing with it a history of otherness, colonialism, and resource extraction. Imprensa Museu do Amanha

The Museum of Tomorrow is the Museum of Today.

It is a large ship

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Disenar el muro fronterizo?

Portada de las bases del concurso. Image via Building the Border Wall

[The Architect's Newspaper previously published a version of this article in English. Click here to read.] anunció recientemente, en nombre de la Fundacion, un concurso llamado “Construyendo el muro fronterizo”. Quizá como respuesta a la…

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The Prince

Cristobal Palma

In January, Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena was awarded the 2016 Pritzker Prize. Quite a lot has been written about the man since then, and thank goodness: Before he won his profession’s highest honor, he was very little known in this country. Few of those writing about him, however,…

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John Johansen

If you are a loyal reader of AN’s Southwest edition, you will know that we have reported multiple times on the sad saga of the destruction of John Johansen’s Mummers Theater (also known as the Stage Center theater). We wrote several stories on the efforts to save the…

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Gordon Parks Arts Hall

Barbara Karant

The University of Chicago is often praised for its rigorous academics, its serene location in an enclave on South Side, its superb bookstores and museums, and its traditional ivy-laden, collegiate atmosphere. It is less frequently cited for its impressive collection of buildings designed by notable modern, postmodern, and…