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MVRDV designs a pancaked urban living room for Shenzhen

Rotterdam-based firm MVRDV has been selected as the winner of a competition to design the new Shimao ShenKong International Centre, a mixed-use collegiate complex to be built in Shenzhen, China’s Universiade New Town. Described as a “multi-level urban living room,” MVRVD’s typically captivating and interestingly massed concept,…
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Track halted construction projects across America with this map

In numerous major North American cities, the millions upon millions of people belonging to the so-called “non-essential workforce” have either been furloughed, laid off, or are holed up working remotely from home for the unforeseeable future due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While these sent-home workers comprise a vast…
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California scrambles to protect its homeless population amidst coronavirus outbreak

With a pandemic sweeping across many of America’s largest population centers, phrases like “shelter-in-place,” “self-quarantine,”  “stay at home” “social distancing,” and “hand sanitizer shortage”  have become fundamental parts of our shared daily language. Yet for thousands of Americans, particularly in cities experiencing high levels of homelessness, these phrases are…