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Q&A> Milano Expo 2015 China Pavilion with Yichen Lu, founder of Studio Link-Arc

Rising Chinese architect Yichen Lu, founder of New York–based Studio Link-Arc, has fashioned China’s pavilion for Expo Milano 2015 in collaboration with Tsinghua University. Fringed by wheat fields that reference the country’s agrarian traditions, the structure rejects the typical notion of a pavilion as an object in a plaza. Lu,…
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Impossible architecture: Spanish artist's acrylic-on-wood paintings feature gravity-defying, Escher-esque scenes

The impossible architecture depicted in paintings by Spanish artist Cinta Vidal Agulló are immersive M.C. Escher-meets-Dr. Seuss dreamscapes of multi-dimensional planes inhabited by tiny, doll-like figures. The “un-gravity constructions,” as Vidal Agulló calls them, are microscopically-detailed, small-stroke acrylic paintings on wood panels, each maze-like world resembling…