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An examination of the relationship between architecture and the site by Caroline O'Donnell

Niche Tactics, a collection of essays edited by Caroline O’Donnell, approaches architecture as a living entity with a symbiotic relationship to its environment. She starts with contrasting bubble metaphors, the “ecological bubbles” of biologist Jakob von Uexkull, who studied creatures’ particular stimuli—blood for ticks, pollen for bees—with…

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Typography & Truth, a conversation with Errol Morris

Errol Morris took the podium at the Grolier Club, the venerated New York City typography and tome institution, to talk about his 2012 experiment to uncover the influence of a typeface. His experiment ran in the New York Times' Opinionator column and asked readers whether they were optimists or pessimists,…
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Obit> Kenji Ekuan: 1929–2015

  Kenji Ekuan, 1929–2015, was the designer behind the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle (1961), the Narita Express (1991), and the Yamaha VMAX motorcycle (1985). The former monk drew inspiration from Hiroshima's atomic devastation and founded GK Industrial Design Group in 1952. Sadly, Ekuan died of a heart problem in Tokyo