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Events across the world honor the centennial of Jane Jacobs’s birthday

For fans of the writer and urbanist Jane Jacobs, who died in 2006, May 4 has long had special significance because it was her birthday. This year it will be bigger than usual because May 4, 2016 is a milestone—the 100th anniversary of Jacobs’s birth in Scranton, Pa. Architects and urban planners on at least…
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A look at Prince’s Minneapolis estate, Paisley Park Studios

The sudden death of Prince last week brought attention to an aspect of the artist that many fans might not have focused on: his history as an architecture patron. In the mid-1980s, after success from his early albums and his movie Purple Rain, Prince Rogers Nelson began construction on what…
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Moshe Safdie working on his first hospital, first project in South America

The community is called Serena del Mar, which means Serenity of the Ocean in Spanish. In addition to the hospital, called Centro Hospitalario Serena del Mar, the project will include oceanfront residences, a hotel resort village, a business and commercial district, a golf resort, and an “equestrian village.” Twelve kilometers from the…
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A Divine Monument is in the works for Baltimore

Philadelphia has its Rocky statue. New York City has Ralph Kramden. Minneapolis has Mary Richards. Now an artist group in Baltimore is planning to erect a monument honoring one of that city’s best known performers, the actor known as Divine. And they have just the location for it—the corner where the Baltimore born…
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Portland Building, once eyed for demolition, will be saved, Graves says

[Editor's Note: This post was written by Edward Gunts and James Russiello.] The Portland Building, once considered for demolition, will be spared from the wrecking ball and renovated, according to its architect. Michael Graves, the building’s architect, said in late November that city officials have decided to renovate it for continued use…
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Another Brutalist Wonder Bites the Dust: Johansen’s Mechanic Theatre

Despite pleas for preservation from some of the nation’s top architects, demolition work has begun on  a nationally significant example of “Brutalist” architecture in north America, the 1967 Morris A. Mechanic Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland, designed by the late John M. Johansen. A  yellow backhoe with a spike-like…