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2016 Best of Products Awards winners>Finishes + Surfaces and Facades + Structural

The results are in! We deliberated over hundreds of entries, covering everything from residential furnishings to smart home systems and facade products. Our superb team of judges evaluated entries for innovation, aesthetics, performance, and value. In addition to selecting a winner and two honorable mentions for each category…

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Product>Set the mood with diverse interior lighting options

Stylish pendant lights shine brightly as a single statement piece and create dynamic interiors when multiplied. U-Light Axo Light USA The U-light appears to float in space, with a minimalist metal frame that is joined to a glowing ring of LED lights that are offered in a variety of sizes. The…
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Product>Acoustic Solutions

From baffles and upholstered room dividers to desk and lounge options that reduce noise pollution, new materials and styles eliminate office distractions in myriad creative ways. Parentesit Wall Panels Arper These wall panels, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, are a simple and modern acoustic solution that doubles…
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Decorative seating options from cerulean to evergreen

Mossy earth tones and marine-inspired colors have been a big trend in seating options for dining and living spaces as of late. Stay Range Sé When the line began in 2007, Sé had a vision of making luxurious contemporary furniture and reclaiming the glamour and quality of 20th century…
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High-performance glass with innovative technology

Thanks to new technological innovations, glass facades not only assist in LEED certification but also offer a wide range of variety, from glass panels to dynamic options.

LightZone SageGlass

With the ability to create up to three variable tint zones within a…

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Product>Window innovations for new and retrofit projects

Windows for retrofit and new projects combine modern innovations in thermal technology, while remaining aesthetically and historically accurate. Ultra Series Geometrics Kolbe Windows & Doors

Kolbe-crafted Ultra Series customized corner units, mulled and stacked rectangles, as well as triangles and trapezoids, interact with the alternating zones…

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Product>Decorative Architectural Glass

Whether texture or pattern is the game, these sophisticated yet playful artistic glass motifs are perfect for a variety of interiors.

Glass Gradients Skyline Design

The first collaboration between Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings and Skyline Design, Glass Gradients plays with just two…

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Product>Whimsical Wall Coverings

From classic patterns in unexpected textures (hey, jute) to over-the-top prints resembling antique Spanish tiles, we found high-quality wallpapers for every design aesthetic. Deco Embroider Carnegie With the newest product additions, Carnegie is the largest PVC-free program in sustainable commercial wall coverings. Xorel is a really remarkable product:…