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Boeing to sell flying taxis

Aerospace company Boeing aims to begin selling electric people-carrying drones within the next ten years. “I think it will happen faster than any of us understand,” Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg told Bloomberg. “Real prototype vehicles are being built right now. So the technology is very doable.” Boeing, the largest…
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The modular Open House lets you live in one home, forever

Today, almost a third of U.S. households are households of one, but the housing stock still reflects social values of the last century: Most homes are built for a married couple with children—the idealized nuclear family—yet these households now make up only 20 percent of families, down from 43 percent…
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Artist Alex Da Corte brings eerie neon to New York City in a show at Karma

Artist Alex Da Corte wants you to be scared. In C-A-T Spells Murder, a new show at New York's Karma, the Philadelphia-based artist deploys neon sculpture, video, and neon painting to muse on the feeling of fear and its effects on perception.  
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Peek inside a model of Gehry's extreme model railroad museum

Design development for Frank Gehry's model railroad museum in rural New England is chugging along. The Extreme Model Railroad and Contemporary Architecture Museum aims to condense the wide world of architecture into a museum with tiny trains. The project, near the contemporary art museum MASS MoCA in North Adams,…