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Quick Clicks> Decaying Cities, Gallery Restaurant, Green Upgrades

Urban decay. Gizmodo’s urban photography competition last week yielded beautiful, haunting images of decaying architecture, infrastructure, and other city spaces taken over by nature. More info on the grand winner and a photo gallery here. Lunch as art. As part of the exhibition Time/Bank: Time/Food at the Abrons Arts…
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Quick Clicks> Sunlight Printing, Draper Train, Street Math, Rain Baskets

Solar sintering. Student work from the Royal College of Art exhibited at the London Design Festival explored the connections between energy and design. One student chose to examine the relationship between manufacturing and nature, creating a “Solar Sintering” machine that uses sunlight to power a 3D printing process. According to…
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Quick Clicks> Liquid Letters, Grad Cities, Future Weaving, Shoe Dice

Living letters. Typeface designer Ruslan Khasanov created a liquid typeface by inking letters onto a porcelain sink and photographing their movement as they slid down the drain. The white on black animated GIFs reveal letters that strangely resemble those amoebas we studied under the microscope back in high school bio.…
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Spotlight> Copenhagen Design Week 2011

This past week in Copenhagen has been filled with a series of design exhibitions, fairs, conferences, and guided tours throughout the Danish capital city as part of Copenhagen Design Week, hosted by the Danish Design Center. Scandinavian architects, interior designers, urban planners, and filmmakers submitted work under the theme of…
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Quick Clicks> Airjet Printers, Candid Camera, Yoga & Architecture, Tracing Labyrinths

It’s a printed airplane! The printed aircraft has arrived. Researchers in the UK created the first 3D-printed electric-powered airplane. Core77 explained that 3D printing was originally developed for the US Navy (to eliminate excess parts) making repairing damage easier. Red light, green light. For Mayor Bloomberg, safety is paramount. He even believes…