Heavens Above

A stereoscopic mural elevates this compact Newport Beach coffee shop

(Benny Chan)

One might not associate Newport Beach with the Late Italian Renaissance but when architects David Wick and Andrew Lindley needed to enliven a narrow, awkwardly shaped, coffee shop housed in one of Orange County‘s latest multi-use developments, the historic style serves as a rich source of inspiration.

The pair—hailing from respective firms Wick Architecture & Design and LAND Design Studio—had recently traveled to Italy and were drawn to Antonio da Correggio’s 16th-century fresco Assumption of the Virgin, that adorns the dome of the Cathedral of Parma. As any true masterpiece of the period, this oeuvre demonstrates the ability to extend space with revolutionary tromp l’oeil and perspective techniques. Wick and Lindley’s intervention for Stereoscope Coffee translated these qualities through the use of contemporary technology.

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