Turn Around Time

Abruzzo Bodziak Architects inserts curvilinear tectonics in a Brooklyn townhouse renovation

A sophisticated selection of furnishings carries a musical theme throughout the project. (Naho Kubota)

Bringing a landmarked home up to snuff doesn’t only mean updating plumbing or putting in new kitchen cabinets. The complex undertaking requires an all-encompassing approach. Often, architects have to consider which elements of a house need to be restored and which can be replaced. The challenge lies in being able to maintain the historic integrity of the building while also making sure that it can meet the needs of its inhabitants.

Abruzzo Bodziak Architects recently completed the renovation of a 3,620-square-foot property in the trendy Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Developed for illustrious design couple Devon Turnbull and Kassandra M. Lao Pietri, the late 19th-century townhouse was transformed into a sophisticate abode-cum-workspace that champions both a historic and contemporary aesthetic.

True to form for the AN Interior 50 honoree practice, the outcome reflects a keen understanding of context and detail but also the ability to inject bold interventions. Curvilinear delineation was the key concept behind much of this project.

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