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Automate residences with these smart devices

Automate your home with these smart home devices. Picture: Kaiterra's cloud-based calibration system detects levels of carbon dioxide, air quality, temperature, and humidity.(Courtesy Kaiterra)

Via voice control or smart apps, the latest technologies connect to a central hub to optimize energy usage and minimize consumption.

Decora Smart Voice Dimmer Leviton

(Courtesy Leviton)

Decora Smart Voice Dimmer

This dimmer, available in early 2020, enables users to fully automate lighting via voice control or remotely with the Leviton app. Features include dimming, preset schedules, custom “scenes,” vacation mode, and more. And because it is equipped with Amazon Alexa, many other “smart” functions like music streaming and news updates are available.

Laser Egg+ CO2 Kaiterra

(Courtesy Kaiterra)

Laser Egg+ CO2

Using cloud-based calibration, this device’s sensors accurately detect levels of carbon dioxide, air quality, temperature, and humidity. Users can monitor the device remotely via the Kaiterra app, which allows them to see shifts in air quality in real-time, understand trends, and set alerts that notify them when measurements exceed preselected levels.

PowerView Motorization Hunter Douglas

(Courtesy Hunter Douglas)

PowerView Motorization
Hunter Douglas

Tired of turning the blinds down? Cover all windows at the touch of a button. PowerView Motorization is designed for use with the Hunter Douglas app, but it is also compatible with Alexa, Google, Apple Home Kit, and other smart home platforms. It is available with over 20 shade styles that are customizable by color, size, and fabric.

Decora Smart Voice Dimmer Leviton

(Courtesy NuTone)

Line Voltage Doorbell

For quick installation, this doorbell kit comes with a built-in transformer and a wireless, battery-free push button. It allows users to choose one of eight electric chime tones.

Buoy Whole Home Water Controller Buoy Labs

(Courtesy Buoy Labs)

Buoy Whole Home Water Controller
Buoy Labs
Installed directly in the main water line, Buoy shuts off the water supply when a leak is detected. Users can track water usage in real-time and chart trends via the Buoy app.

Smart Home Starter Kit Aqara

(Courtesy Aqara)

Smart Home Starter Kit

Aqara’s kit includes a central hub to manage a full range of wireless smart home automation, including lighting, security, and surveillance. Users can activate their devices—from window and door sensors to a smart plug that can turn on the coffee maker every morning—via voice commands or remotely with Apple Home or the Aqara Home app.

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